supporting communities

Supporting communities

Creating resilient communities through golf

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans is an example of how a tour sponsor and supported charities can complement each other’s strengths to do something great for the host city. Zurich Insurance has long been invested in New Orleans and, through charitable organizations such as Bayou District Foundation, SBP, St. Michael Special School, and Blessings in a Backpack, continues its commitment to the sustainability and resilience of New Orleans.

2017 Impact Award winners

Since 2011, Zurich has annually recognized leaders in the New Orleans nonprofit community as part of the Zurich Classic golf tournament. These individuals have made significant contributions to building resilient and sustainable communities through their inspirational leadership and ability to enact positive change. Congratulations to the 2017 winners!

Commitment to New Orleans

Since Zurich became a title sponsor of the Zurich Classic in 2005, the tournament has given more than $17 million to over 200 charities, which support 200,000 children in Louisiana. Relationships Zurich has developed through the tournament have grown outside it as well.

Zurich’s alliances with the Bayou District Foundation and SBP in New Orleans are inspiring examples of how disaster-impacted communities can come back stronger than before. Recovery is important, but it’s not enough. SBP and the Bayou District Foundation focus on resilience are strengthening communities to mitigate damage from severe storms. Zurich, Bayou District, and SBP understand that investments made today will mitigate the losses of tomorrow.

Golf Charities - Bayou District Foundation
Golf Charities - Blessings in a Backpack
Golf Charities - St Bernard Project
Golf Charities - St Michael Special School

Zurich celebrates the Bayou District Foundation as a shining example of a community rebuilding to a stronger, safer, more resilient standard.

Zurich’s relationship with the Bayou District Foundation started through the Zurich Classic. The Fore!Kids Foundation, charitable arm of the Zurich Classic, made a $250,000 donation in 2007 to the Bayou District Foundation that served as the seed money to start an incredible multi-million dollar project. The Bayou District is a forward-thinking community built from the ground up that embraces resilience. Core aspects of the Bayou District’s plan involve structures that can withstand hurricane-force winds, housing built above the flood zone, and programs to educate residents on how to stay safe in severe storms.

Zurich’s relationship with SBP has grown since 2009, with Zurich employees and friends of Zurich having helped over 80 families return home since Katrina. Awarded in 2014, our $3 million multi-year grant helped SBP identify communities across the nation that can benefit from disaster planning and resilience building, passing along what’s been learned in New Orleans. While helping SBP carry out its mission, Zurich employees leveraged our data to develop insights, designed training programs and built strategic relationships with other nonprofits. It’s all a part of Zurich’s mission to help communities understand and protect themselves from risk.

Zurich has donated $1.2 million to St. Michael Special School, which has taken significant steps in assisting New Orleans area students who have special educational needs. Zurich’s contribution to the school helped build a vocational building and playground. Zurich also has given more than $250,000 to support Blessings in a Backpack, which has helped 2,875 children at six New Orleans schools since 2011. Zurich's donations have helped alleviate nearly 110,000 hunger-free weekends in New Orleans. Our donations have totaled more than 328,000 pounds of food provided to New Orleans school children.