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Zurich Predictive Analytics

Meet the head of predictive analytics 

Peter Hahn is one of Zurich's analytical innovators, with the ultimate goal of generating actionable, distinctive risk insights to help improve business decisions and performance.
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Zurich’s predictive analytics derives insights from a wide range of proprietary and external aggregated data to identify future risks and inform strategic decision-making. Our methods provide a deeper and broader analysis of catastrophic damage and hard-to-predict events — those of low frequency but high severity. Proactive solutions can help organizations reduce their total cost of risk and create more effective strategies.


These extensive modeling capabilities combined with our deep industry experience allow us to better understand risks both locally and globally. Zurich specialists can help put these insights to work for your business.


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Zurich risk profiling

See how Zurich's risk profiling approach can help your company focus more on profit and less on risk.

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