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Zurich RiskIntelligence

Risk data & analysis that makes a difference

In today’s competitive environment, you need every edge you can get. And helping you to sharpen understanding of your claims cost drivers, and what you can do about them, is how Zurich RiskIntelligence can give you an edge you need. One of the industry’s leading customer risk information tools, Zurich RiskIntelligence graphically illustrates the factors driving your claims costs with simplicity and clarity. Featuring more than 100 report format combinations, the tool gives you the ability to capture, analyze and report the risk information most meaningful to your business.

Our latest enhancement redesigned and simplified the look and functionalities of Zurich RiskIntelligence, including making it fully “tablet-friendly.” The platform now delivers risk analysis with a crisp, contemporary graphic interface that works equally well with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Zurich RiskIntelligence delivers a suite of features providing varying levels of complexity and scope to empower your business to take control of your total cost of risk.

Zurich RiskIntelligence Enterprise

Zurich RiskIntelligence, our enhanced claims and loss information technology, gives risk managers the ability to create and view loss analysis reports via the Web using information that is updated daily. Our revised, streamlined report formats now provide more relevant information and include quick links for easy navigation to Zurich and other industry-related sites. Adjuster notes have also been added to provide important details about open claims and the progress being made toward their resolutions.

Zurich RiskIntelligence Exchange

RiskIntelligence Exchange maps loss data from any other carrier or TPA into RiskIntelligence Enterprise. This feature combines the viewing of monthly updates from other carriers along with Zurich data to enable more comprehensive loss analysis and loss trending

Zurich RiskIntelligence Express

Understanding all your cost drivers is crucial in a competitive business world. Zurich RiskIntelligence Express is an easy-to-use application that allows you to “point & click” to view selected risk information at a glance and generate reports for selected data on demand, giving you convenient access to and understanding of the key drivers of your claim costs. The new software and newly redesigned user interface make it easy to use. RiskIntelligence Express can be ideal for companies with moderate loss frequency and less complex claims.

Features include:

  • View of payment history and reserves
  • Ability to capture, analyze and structure the risk information
  • Locating adjuster information
  • Daily updates to loss information
  • Claim number search
  • Real time adjuster notes
  • Loss runs with view, print and download to excel capabilities

Since you have greater control over total cost of risk with access to RiskIntelligence Express, it may help reduce lost productivity and cash flow, thereby increasing profits.


RiskACCESS provides a direct line into Zurich's claims management system, allowing users to view real-time, claims-level loss detail information, including adjusters notes, with direct link to adjusters, payment information, accident details and more.


RiskImage provides fast, easy access to scanned claim file documents via the RiskIntelligence homepage. View claim file information such as explanations of benefits, medical reports and other correspondence online. The service also allows claims file reviews to be conducted remotely.


Questions? We have answers.

To find out how you can start using Zurich RiskIntelligence, email us at Ask.RiskIntelligence@zurichna.com

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