Contractors and design professionals

Each construction project draws upon the skill sets of a variety of specialists. From blueprint to inspection, you need to make sure that all the contractors and professionals involved in your business are protected. Zurich’s professionals, with extensive industry experience, try to understand the different roles in your business and to which risks they are susceptible. 

Why Zurich?

We combine our construction experience with the insights we've gained from analyzing claims data. This enables us to create insurance solutions for construction risks. Additionally, we use predictive modeling to anticipate how the industry may change. Our global resources provide contractors with specialized policies in more than 180 countries and territories.

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Solutions for contractors and design professionals

General contractors

General contractors rely on trusted relationships to lead their construction projects. Work with one of the industry-leading insurance providers with the expertise and the capacity to help you navigate the solutions at various phases of your projects. Zurich’s integrated coverages draws from a broad range of products and services to help you address a variety of risks, including:

  • Pre-construction
  • Subcontractor selection and management
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Jobsite management
  • Worker health and safety
  • Multinational capabilities

Subcontractors are often required to finish a project, introducing a series of new risks. Subguard® is a risk management solution that helps construction contractors mitigate the risk of subcontractor or supplier default. Subguard® provides consistent coverage for the subcontractors on the project, while helping general contractors to regain control of their projects if a subcontractor defaults.

Trade contractors

Trade contractors bring unique sets of skills to each project. You need to make sure that trade contractors are protected with policies that cover the risks related to their practices. Zurich’s professionals, with extensive industry experience, specialize in the risk management needs of trade contractors.

Whether your trade is concrete, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing or anything in between, we can help you manage and mitigate risks, including those caused by:

  • Employee selection and orientation
  • Worker health and safety
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Selecting and managing subcontractors

Design professionals

Design professionals can greatly impact the cost and duration of the project, making them susceptible to oversight risks. Many architects, engineers and design consultants work on overseas projects, which can carry varied risks from unfamiliar regulatory, legal and cultural differences.

Zurich is one of the design-professional insurance providers that offers professional liability in conjunction with casualty, property, Subguard® and surety coverages. Our specialists try to establish trusted ties with design professionals in order to provide them with the best service. 

Zurich can help manage design professional risks with our specialized expertise

  • Understanding and managing professional liability risks
  • Claims and risk management services
  • Project-specific capabilities
  • Contract-management and educational services
  • Multinational capabilities
  • Construction and design risk (C&DR) webinars and briefings

Environmental contractors and consultants

The environmental impact of your construction project can be greatly impacted by regulatory policies and public perception. You need to manage your operations and plan for unpredictable complications. Zurich can help you conduct an assessment of your project to identify priority risk areas and help you recover from potentially hazardous events faster.

As one of the predominant insurance providers of environmental insurance, Zurich has the risk management expertise to provide stability through a broad suite of services, including:

  • Emergency cleanup and crisis response
  • Employee selection and orientation
  • Worker health and safety
  • Fleet management
  • Contract management and education
  • Multinational exposure

As one of the predominant insurance providers of environmental insurance, Zurich has the risk management expertise to provide stability through a broad suite of services, including:

  • Contractor’s pollution liability
  • Environmental services package
  • Professional and environmental coverage combined

Projects - contractors or owner sponsors

A Consolidated Insurance Program (CIP), or “wrap-up,” combines workers’ compensation and general liability insurance for owners and contractors who sponsor programs for their enrolled contractors and subs. Centrally managed with designated sites and defined work, CIPs provide a consistent approach to risk management that helps create value through uniformed safety practices and strong claims and litigation management to help reduce costs for project sponsors.

Zurich offers CIPs as an alternative to traditional insurance programs to help you effectively manage the challenges you face as a project sponsor, including:

  • Continuity of coverage and availability of limits
  • Comprehensive Risk Engineering Services
  • Quality management
  • Comprehensive claims management

Additional product solutions available to compliment your CIP program include:

  • Builder's risk covers damage to property under construction, materials used in the course of construction and delay in completion.
  • Contractor’s Protective Professional Indemnity (CPPI) helps protect contractors for losses that stem from the negligent performance of professional services the contractor is liable for, whether self-performed or subcontracted.
  • Owner’s Protective Professional Indemnity (OPPI) offers project-dedicated professional liability insurance to help protect the project owner from losses due to the architect or engineer’s (A/E’s) negligence. With OPPI, the A/E’s policy is supplemented with a policy that provides limits that can only be eroded by claims from or against the owner.

Zurich is a recognized leader in providing project lifecycle solutions to address complex project delivery systems that often involve the financing, design, build, operation and maintenance of projects. We offer sophisticated risk management solutions such as:

  • Build transfer operate (BTO) endorsement – When combined with an existing Zurich Edge® property form, BTO can provide a seamless transition between the construction and operational phases of your project including property damage and delay in opening.
  • Integrated project delivery (IPD) – Zurich supports IPD with a coordinated multi-line insurance and risk management program. We can augment traditional liability coverages, such as professional liability, to provide protection to the project team.
  • Public-private partnerships (P3) – Zurich’s integrated solution provides a broad array of products and service capabilities to help manage the risks associated with various stages and activities in the P3 lifecycle. Download the Public-Private Partnership (P3) brochure.

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