Student accident coverage

Student participation in sports activities and school-sponsored programs has grown significantly in recent years.1

These activities give students an opportunity to develop new skills, learn about teamwork and leadership, and potentially develop life-long friendships. Many independent studies have shown the benefits for students' participation in sports and other student programs.

With this increased participation can come an increase in student injuries. In fact, sports injuries are the second leading cause of emergency room visits for children and adolescents, and the second leading cause of injuries in school.2

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The challenge

When an accident occurs during school sponsored activities, parents may be faced with a significant financial burden. Often, parents turn to the school to help alleviate this challenge. Schools need to consider having solutions in place to react to such incidents. Even parents with primary medical coverage in place now face increasing health plan deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses, on top of the emotional and financial challenges associated with a child’s injury. 

Zurich’s solution

Zurich’s Student Accident Coverage provides more coverage solutions with high limits, competitive underwriting and an easy process for submitting and monitoring claims.

Key features of Zurich’s Student Accident Coverage include:

  • Customizable plan designs for school-sponsored activities that can include any combination of the following: class-time, interscholastic sports, intramural sports, gym classes, before/after school care, non-sport extra-curricular activities, etc. Coverage also includes travel to and from such activities.
  • More coverage solutions for interscholastic sports with or without tackle football, including games, scrimmages, practices and off-season training. Coverage can also extend to heat exhaustion, sprains, strains and other similar injuries.
  • Coverage for non-sport extra-curricular activities, such as field trips, camps, before/after school programs, summer and volunteer programs, is also available.
  • High limits with a maximum $5 million for accident medical and $10,000 and up for accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Cost-saving options, such as varying coinsurance, deductible and medical sub-limit, are available.
  • Additional catastrophic coverage options are available that can pay an additional high limit benefit if a covered injury results in coma, paralysis or brain death, as well as a health failure benefit.

Note: Policy covers medically necessary expenses incurred for treatment subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, including benefit maximums, deductibles, coinsurance, sub-limits and exclusions.

The benefits

Zurich’s Student Accident Coverage can help families deal with the unexpected medical expenses incurred when their student is injured in an accident during a school-sponsored event. It can help reduce gaps in coverage and defray the cost of medical expenses not covered under the family’s primary medical plan.

In addition, student accident coverage can help provide schools and school districts with additional insurance protection in the event of a lawsuit.


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