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Caring for the health of your healthcare enterprise

Zurich's specialists utilize a full understanding of healthcare settings to create products and services that focus on preparedness, prevention and protection.

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Mergers, acquisitions and affiliations are becoming commonplace in healthcare. Zurich can provide leading risk management and mitigation solutions designed for every stage of your growth.

Chris Taylor, Head of Healthcare, Zurich North America
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Healthcare business solutions

Healthcare enterprises face evolving risks due to a variety of factors including reform, changing business models and innovations in technology. Help protect your organization against a broad spectrum of risks it faces. Zurich’s dedicated healthcare specialists build and maintain coverage solutions designed to respond to these evolving and urgent healthcare risks.


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Healthcare insurance solutions

The healthcare landscape and the risks associated with it are changing, forcing organizations to take an enterprise-wide view of risk. Help reduce your healthcare organization’s total risk with insurance products designed to interact dynamically for greater coverage. Zurich’s dedicated healthcare practice group sees firsthand challenges new to the industry and can help you create integrated solutions.