What is the Actuarial Student Program?

The Zurich Actuarial Student Program is a unique opportunity to learn from our breadth of actuarial expertise while pursuing a designation with the Casualty Actuarial Society.  Our program provides support throughout the CAS exam process and hands-on experience from the first day on the job. 

Actuarial Training Program

In addition to being able to work on actual Zurich projects, students will also benefit from Zurich's Actuarial Training Program in which they learn about various actuarial practices at Zurich at frequent training sessions.

It’s part of our philosophy to recruit the best qualified applicants, and then develop talent from within our organization.  As a participant in this program, you will discover the actuarial profession while working alongside Zurich's large community of accredited actuaries.  Zurich's actuaries have expertise in pricing, reserving, capital management, predictive modeling, large account pricing, insurance programs, niche products and many other disciplines.  Zurich can help you build a foundation for your career by providing unparalleled opportunities.

Rotation Program

Within Zurich North America

Zurich offers a rotation program within Zurich North America where employees can gain experience in different business units (pricing, reserving, etc.) This program usually lasts two years.


Zurich's international rotation program allows participating employees to rotate in a variety of different ways:

  • Regular rotation (2 years)
  • Short-term assignments (6-8 months)
  • Peer reviews (3-6 weeks)

Locations include, but are not limited to:

  • Zurich, Switzerland (international headquarters)
  • London, England
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Various Latin American cities

Exam Support

Your journey towards becoming a credentialized actuary is important to us.  Zurich will support you by providing study time, exam materials, tuition for exam seminars, and payment of exam fees.  Not only does Zurich provide you with the resources you need, but we also believe in rewarding your success.  Zurich provides salary awards and bonuses while pursuing your credentials.

Community Investment

One of Zurich's core values is community investment.  Volunteer and charity events are a regular occurence at Zurich.  Whether it is helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity or participating in a baked goods auction, there are always ways to get involved in supporting the community.

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It is the policy of Zurich in North America, as an equal opportunity employer, to attract and retain the best qualified individuals available, without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, gender expression, genetic information, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or protected veteran status.