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Making a real community impact, virtually

April 15, 2019

Zurich North America is introducing “virtual volunteerism” as a way to keep remote employees engaged and to support the company’s community giving efforts.

How can companies keep their employees engaged in corporate-sponsored volunteer activities when those employees are increasingly working outside the workplace?

Zurich North America believes that part of the answer may lie in “virtual volunteerism,” which allows employees to participate in volunteer activities regardless of where they work.

IICF flex work slide

Andrea Davis, director of Employee Experience & Culture for Zurich North America, recently attended the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation Key Partners Media Day in New York, where she spoke about the employment trends that have inspired Zurich to offer “virtual volunteerism” opportunities to its employees.

Virtual volunteerism allows employees to make an impact in their communities and advance the corporate responsibility missions of their companies without having to be onsite. Many employees who prefer not to volunteer onsite may be willing to volunteer from their home or work computers. And virtual opportunities are great for employees who may be unable to volunteer onsite because of disabilities, home obligations or work schedules.

In recent years, Zurich North America employees have embraced the opportunities for flexible work arrangements.

IICF flex work slide

After the IICF presentation, Davis talked about Zurich’s efforts to include virtual components for remote employees looking to take part in company volunteerism.

Media interested in learning more, contact David Hilgen of the Media & Public Relations team.