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New report on Hurricane Florence coming in April

April 2, 2019

Zurich and ISET-International to reveal findings from a Post Event Review of Hurricane Florence in April 2019

Zurich and ISET-International will release a new Post Event Review of Hurricane Florence in April 2019. This new report will be Zurich’s 14th Post Event Review of flooding events. Zurich has already conducted such reviews in Central Europe, Switzerland, the Balkans, the U.K., Nepal and the United States: the South Carolina floods from October 2015 and Hurricane Harvey.

shipThe insights gleaned for these reports is based on a methodology called the Post Event Review Capability (PERC), which analyzes major natural hazard events to identify lessons learned and suggest actionable improvements. PERC is a methodology for understanding why a hazard becomes a disaster, and then from that, identifying entry points for building resilience.

In April 2019, we will release our 14th Post Event Review of Hurricane Florence using the PERC methodology. The knowledge gained from these studies is available to anyone interested in progress on natural hazard risk management, and is being actively used in dialogue with authorities, from local to national, to provide them with latest knowledge and best practices.

Stay tuned for our newest report that will focus on opportunities and successes and what individuals, businesses and communities can learn from Florence to help people in North Carolina and elsewhere avoid or reduce losses.

Media interested in learning more, contact Jennifer Schneider of the Media & Public Relations team.

About the photo: The USS North Carolina faces its next challenge from severe weather head on. Read about efforts underway to protect this former World War II battleship, now a memorial to the 11,000 North Carolinians who died during World War II, in Zurich and ISET-International’s new, upcoming report.