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Manufacturing Broker Resources

Zurich’s strength is in its people and we are committed to working with you to serve the insurance and risk management needs of a wide range of manufacturing customers. Following are valuable resources, tools and content to help strengthen your business in the manufacturing marketplace.

Business appetite for manufacturing

With a broad and varied appetite for manufacturing risks, Zurich has underwriting expertise in food and beverage, metal products, plastics and wood product manufacturers.

Food & Beverage




Insurance solutions for manufacturing customers

Zurich has coverage options and services designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, delivered by a team of customer-focused professionals who will work with you to develop integrated, single-source approaches for manufacturers of metal and machinery parts, plastic products, electronic components, and non-perishable foods.

Download these resources for additional information:

Protection done differently: Insurance solutions for manufacturing

Protection done differently: A single source for insurance coverage, risk engineering services and claims support

Risk Engineering for manufacturing customers

Zurich’s expertise is in identifying, assessing and helping address risk. Based on our experience and in-depth analysis of industry claims and trends, The Zurich Solution Suite offers Risk Engineering services tailored to address the most frequent and severe risks manufacturers face.

Download the Zurich Risk Engineering Solution Suite for:

  General Manufacturing

  Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  Metal Products Manufacturers

  Plastics Manufacturers

  Wood Products Manufacturers

Dedicated Customer Service Executives (CSEs)

Average 15 years claims service experience

Major Case and Large Loss Unit response teams

Claims analytics to optimize claim outcomes



Zurich Claims will stay in close contact with our brokers and customers before, during and after a claim, and respond quickly with the best qualified people on the ground to help. We have local Claims teams strategically placed to assist throughout the U.S. and abroad with 9,600 professionals on staff worldwide.



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