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Zurich can help any kind of captive work better

Zurich truly can help unlock the risk management potential of your captive, whether it’s a conventional single-parent entity or a more specialized group, agency or program captive.

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Captive Insurance

Captive owners must diversify their captive programs’ risk portfolios while keeping compliance in mind. Assessing and understanding your global risk exposures can be challenging. Zurich's infrastructure allows us to keep up with regulations worldwide, and we have the expertise to tailor a captive solution best suited for your business.

Why Zurich?

As one of the industry leaders in captive services, Zurich draws on more than 25 years of experience to help you realize the benefits of your captive. Our services encompass life, non-life and consolidated captive services.


Captives solutions

Single-parent captives

In addition to traditional Single-parent captive solutions, Zurich offers a vast range of solutions that give you coverage tailored specifically to your captive. Zurich’s captive services helps you optimize the value of your captive, with:

  • A broad range of fronting, reinsurance, claims, Risk Engineering and loss-analysis services for single-parent captives
  • Support from a global network of customer services, including coordination with Zurich’s captive/ART unit in Europe
  • Integration with Zurich’s business insurance, with emphasis on the design and implementation of international risk management programs
  • Multinational protocols that help align your captive program with local insurance regulations
  • Corporate life, pension and accident and health benefits for your workplace

Sponsored cell captives

The Zurich Sponsored cell captive can deliver flexibility, reduced pricing volatility and the ability to customize corporate risk management strategies in ways better aligned with the changing risk management needs of corporate customers today. Integrating the features of a newly formed cell company created exclusively for this loss-sensitive alternative, this solution can provide customers with a risk management approach that many mid-sized and even larger corporations may not have pursued in the past due to the belief that the complexity and costs of program implementation and administration would be prohibitive. This program structure is both simple and cost effective.

Group captives

Talk to our Group Captive Insurance Specialists

Zurich’s Group Captive service has over 25 years of experience in the market.

We target an extensive range of industry segments with captive minimum first-year premium of $3 to $5 million, supported by an appropriate plan to help grow their business.

In addition to heterogeneous and homogeneous captives, we specialize in:

  • Construction
  • Transportation practice
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Manufacturing

Captive Structures:

  • Member-owned group captives
  • Agency captives
  • SPC – Segregated Portfolio Companies

Captive Program can include:

  • Quota share
  • Stop loss coverage


  • Traditional Casualty
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • General Liability
    • Auto

Zurich has a team of Group Captive specialists that can help you develop the right solution:

Group member owned:
Catherine Komaromy
Phone: 847-330-1168

Tim Nolan
Phone: 847-605-6910

Agency, association and SPC facilities:
Pam Bryan
Phone: 847-240-8089

Construction specialty:
Emmett Witt
Phone: 847-413-5118

Transportation specialty:
Catherine Komaromy
Phone: 847-330-1168

Other captive products

Depending on the makeup of your risk profile, a holistic solution may better protect your company than a single-parent or group captive. Zurich assesses and serves various types of captives through the use of independently owned Segregated Portfolio Companies (SPC).

With the SPC option, we help our customers mitigate the cost of forming and maintaining a captive facility. The Segregated Portfolio Company creates individual captive "cells" that are separate from each other but linked to the captive, segregating the assets and liabilities of each cell and protecting participants against another cell's insolvency or bad loss experience.

The SPC option is right for homogeneous and heterogeneous captives, including:

  • Multiple-member
  • Single-member
  • Agency
  • Program administrator
  • Association

Captive strategies

Questions? We have answers.

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