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Zurich has coverage options and a broad appetite to fit all kinds of business needs. Middle markets companies are a driving force of today’s economy and a growing segment for insurance. Zurich is ready to help meet the challenges of the evolving risks that come with growth.

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Knowledge is power. Zurich provides a customer-focused approach through skilled underwriting specific to your industry. Our underwriters team up with our Risk Engineers and regional claims representatives, bringing you a total solution. Zurich has you covered.

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923 million IoT manufacturing devices are projected to be installed by 20202. Zurich has you covered. We have the expertise and solutions for stamping and fabrication metals, dried, frozen or processed food and beverages, industrial machinery and equipment, electronic and electrical components and apparel and textiles.

Financial Institutions

After 125 years serving the evolving needs of financial institutions, Zurich has you covered. We have the expertise and solutions for banking depository and savings and loan institutions, mortgage banks, credit unions, and insurance companies, brokers and investment advisors.

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Influenced by industry trends and unique emerging risks in technology, Zurich has you covered. We have the expertise and solutions for electronics, software developers, data processors, computer programming service providers, communication equipment suppliers and factory automation.


Worker injury and medical errors are the leading cause for claims in healthcare. Zurich has you covered. We have the expertise and solutions for hospitals; medical facilities such as surgical centers, outpatient (ambulatory) care and behavioral health facilities; senior care facilities such as nursing homes and medical rehabilitation facilities.

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Real Estate

Property claims costs with water damage are three times the cost of claims without water3. Zurich has you covered. We have the expertise and the solutions for Class A & B offices, lifestyle centers, light industrial locations, business parks, offices and malls and strip centers.

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The middle market space is profitable, huge and growing and Zurich wants to be your go-to recommendation for insurance and risk management solutions. Call us or email us today to discuss how we can help you!

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