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Download portraits of the senior management team, as well as Zurich's North American headquarters, videos and logos. If you need a photo with a higher resolution, please contact us. Additional information about the executive team can be accessed via the senior management page.

Zurich North America Executive Committee

 Kathleen Savio (2200x1800) 3.09 MB
 Batta, Anurag (2200x1800) 3.14 MB
 Clouser, Randall (2400x1800) 2.2 MB
 Dietz, David (3038x1673) 1.88 MB
 Fick, Brandon (2200x1800) 3.31 MB
 Franklin, Barry (2200x1800) 3.14 MB
 Horgan, Paul (2100x1401) 1.05 MB
 Knipfer, Mark (2371x1800) 2.75 MB
 Lavelle, Paul (1800x1472) 1.17 MB
 Mered, Saad  (2200x1800) 3.14 MB
 Putz, David  (2200x1800) 2.86 MB


 North American Headquarters Exterior 1 (2448x3264) 1.37 MB - portrait
 North American Headquarters Exterior 2 (3264x2448) 2.03 MB - landscape
 North American Headquarters Exterior 3 (6000x4000) 7.19 MB - landscape
 North American Headquarters Exterior 4 (2500x1250) 956 KB - landscape