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Zurich continues to streamline its Commercial Insurance lines

Paul Horgan, Head of North America Commercial Insurance, announces integration of business lines to simplify our go-to-market approach.

Zurich North America continues to streamline its go-to-market approach with the ongoing integration of its Commercial Insurance lines of business, announced Paul Horgan, Head of North America Commercial Insurance.
Effective Sept. 1, 2017:

  • The Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) team moved from Casualty into the Specialty Products structure, reporting directly to Brian Winters, Head of Specialty Products.
  • Excess Casualty and Rail practices moved from Specialty Products to Casualty, under Brandon Fick, Head of Casualty.
  • The Marine segment moved from Property into the Specialty Products structure, and also reports to Winters.

“I am excited by the progress we are making to bring consistency to our go-to-market approach across North America, while better aligning to our global structure,” Horgan said.

The moves will not change Zurich North America’s appetite for any of these products.

Horgan also announced the creation of Zurich Wholesale and Surplus (ZWS), a new business unit in Specialty Products. While Zurich has been writing business through the wholesale channel for many years, the company is committed to delivering a strong and coordinated offering in this valuable and growing segment of the commercial marketplace. Zurich Wholesale and Surplus will be led by Andy Swenson, former Specialty Products Chief Operating Officer for Zurich North America.

These changes continue the progress Zurich is making to provide a single point of entry for its commercial customers, Horgan said, and reinforce Zurich’s position as a leading global insurance provider.

Finance Operations implements enhanced response initiative

Customer Service Care Team's mission of 24-hour response time aims to better serve brokers and customers.

Zurich North America Finance Operations has established a Customer Service Care Team whose mission is to respond to incoming correspondence within 24 hours during regular business hours.

“Regular correspondence with our brokers and customers, either through email or telephone, is crucial to our work in Finance Operations,” said Haug Scharnowski, Head of Finance Operations North America. “Maintaining high standards in communication is a sign of professionalism and also is simply good business.”

During regular working hours, the Customer Service Care Team will strive to respond to stakeholder and customer correspondence within one business day. Requests that cannot be resolved within that time frame will receive acknowledgement of the correspondence, as well as expectations regarding follow-up communication and the steps needed to resolve the issue.

“Zurich’s strategic aspiration is to build on our commercial leadership position and on our strong, trusted brand to serve our customers in a way that feels personal, is effective and is uniquely Zurich,” Scharnowski said.

Customer Service Care Team contact information

U.S.: Phone: 800-693-9466; email: billing.and.collection@zurichna.com

Canada: Phone: 888-207-3083; email: billing.and.collection.canada@zurich.com

Healthcare Professional Liability product moving to agency billing method

HPL line will be the first Zurich product to be launched on PolicyCenter underwriting platform.

To further our commitment to simplifying business operations and implementing more efficient processes, our Healthcare Professional Liability line will be the first Zurich product launched on PolicyCenter, our new underwriting platform.

The initiative, which went into effect in August 2017, is designed to make it easier and more convenient for brokers to do business with us.

With the introduction of this new underwriting platform, the invoicing process for the Healthcare business will be changing. Healthcare Professional Liability policies, as well as Patient Compensation Fund fees (if applicable), will move onto Zurich’s agency billing platform. Agency billing is the method preferred by most brokers because it provides one consolidated statement. This means that Healthcare Professional Liability policies will be on the same agency billing payment plan as other Zurich lines of business for an individual broker.

The transition to agency billing for the Healthcare business will begin for new business policies with an effective date in September 2017 and for renewal policies with an effective date in December 2017 and beyond.

If you need additional information, please contact Patrick Moylan, Senior Vice President and Healthcare Professional Liability Segment Leader: patrick.moylan@zurichna.com.