Producer appointment and licensing processes scheduled to transition

Zurich to assume responsibility for PA&L-related processes as of April 30, 2017.

As part of our continuous efforts to optimize our operation and service to our customers, Zurich is transitioning the handling of producer appointment and licensing (PA&L) processes, as well as other related licensing verification processes, from our current service provider.

This transition of PA&L processes and services, which support brokers holding a direct contractual relationship with one or more of Zurich’s underwriting companies and/or business units, started on the week of January 16 and is expected to be completed by April 30, 2017. By this date, Zurich will assume the following PA&L responsibilities:

  • Verification of agency and agent licenses (with proper Zurich underwriting companies)
  • Appointment of agency and agents (with proper Zurich underwriting companies)
  • Power of attorney (for issuance of Surety bonds)
  • Onboarding of new agencies and locations
  • Termination of agencies and agents (including locations)
  • Agency outreach (maintenance on agency and agent information, such as billing change, agent name change, address change, licensing coordinator, etc.)

During the transition period, brokers may be contacted by staff from US Assure, our current service provider, who has provided exceptional service for nearly 18 years, or Zurich requesting information to verify PA&L information. US Assure will continue its role as our program administrator for the Builder’s Risk plan insured by Zurich. The current service provider will continue to be responsible for all inbound PA&L calls and questions until February 27, 2017, at which time Zurich will assume primary responsibility.

Beginning February 27, 2017, Zurich’s brokers should reach out to the new contacts at Zurich for all inquiries related to PA&L, using the information listed below. The email address, phone number and mailing address below will also be documented on licensing forms.

Zurich North America
Underwriting Support and Service – PA&L
Phone: 800-258-1947
1299 Zurich Way
Schaumburg, IL 60196

Zurich and the current service provider are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our brokers. As of April 30, 2017, brokers will only be contacted by a member of Zurich’s PA&L team for information related to a contractual relationship with one or more of its underwriting companies and/or business units. Until this date, either Zurich or the current service provider may call or email requesting information. Any PA&L calls or email communications the current provider receives after April 30, 2017, will be redirected to Zurich’s internal team.

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