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Zurich announces expansion in Trade Credit risk appetite

Zurich offers a broader selection of transaction types within its Trade Credit insurance lines to keep pace with an evolving global marketplace.

As businesses expand domestically and around the world, they must balance these exciting opportunities amid a landscape of increasing risk. Financial and political volatility can create a variety of scenarios leading to payment delays or outright default and — in unpredictable foreign markets — government seizure of assets, inconvertibility of currency, and political violence that may damage key resources on the ground, including buildings and equipment.

Whether a company is selling its goods to one buyer or to dozens of companies around the world, it’s vital they have insurance to help protect their business.

Zurich North America understands these complex challenges. For more than 20 years, Zurich’s Trade Credit coverage has provided solutions for customers, whether payment defaults are at risk from political events or company-specific issues.

To keep pace with our ever-changing world, Zurich’s Trade Credit risk appetite is expanding, announced James Brache, Deputy Managing Director of Zurich Trade Credit & Political Risk for Zurich North America. Examples of this broader selection of transaction types within the Trade Credit lines include:

  • Supplier’s credit with extended payment terms
  • Trade receivables on extended payment terms
  • Pre-export financing
  • General purpose lending

These initiatives augment the existing benefits of our Trade Credit coverage, among them:

  • Helping our customers expand their business in new, fast-growing markets
  • Providing an alternative to syndicating credit exposures
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for policyholders to retain costly country risk reserves
  • Setting no restrictions on customer nationality

Zurich has skilled underwriters around the world with the knowledge and experience to help companies manage their credit and political risk exposure.

“Zurich has been providing Political Risk and Trade Credit insurance for over 20 years,” Brache said. “Over the course of the past 20 years, we have paid nearly $1 billion in claims to our customers for losses in 34 different countries across the world. We have advocated on their behalf with foreign governments and teamed up with them on recoveries.”

Our global reach, deep experience and breadth of locally compliant solutions are just a few of the reasons Zurich can help its customers expand their reach around the world.

Learn more about Zurich North America’s political risk and trade credit risk solutions.