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Account development tips for brokers

Our series of tips for Select Brokers® highlights opportunities to help grow your customer accounts.

Companies operate in a constantly changing environment. And almost every change can become an opportunity to discuss risk management and insurance needs. The key is to focus on what customers and their organizations are experiencing.

Notre Dame
An insurance lesson for distributors from the Notre-Dame fire

Even the most cherished institutions are vulnerable to catastrophe, underscoring the value of risk...

Account Development Tip April 2019
The urgency of acting with urgency: 6 keys to sales success

Effective selling means adopting an attitude of urgency and incorporating that attitude into how you...

March 2019 Account Dev Tip
Beware of false (sales) prophets

Thousands of books claim to deliver the final word on selling. Digest the advice, but add a grain of...

broker tip storytelling sales success
Great salespeople are great storytellers

Get prospects and clients to pay attention by incorporating storytelling skills into your sales...

Account Development Tip January 2019
Get back to basics: 5 sales tips for a stronger 2019

Being successful at any endeavor requires focusing on the fundamentals. Try incorporating this sales...

Brokers Zurich Attend Client Meetings Account Development
We recap our top 7 sales tips

From email etiquette to turning setbacks into successes, here are the Account Development Tips that...

Account Development Tip November 2018
Is it better to be lucky or good?

In sales, hard work and preparation generally produce the best results. They also can help you get...

Account Development Tip October 2018
Make your case for the sale from the customer’s perspective

Is your sales presentation filled with clichés and vague promises? Change your mindset – and your...