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Success stories

Zurich is helping to make a difference for customers across North America through our solutions, services and experienced team. Here are some examples that demonstrate our responsiveness and dedication.

cow success story
Finding flexible solutions to help a research company grow

A firm with complex risks and dreams of expansion found an insurance provider willing to collaborate...

Engineering Success Story
Overhead to underground: Taking on an electricity exposure

Two Zurich Risk Engineers identify a potentially lethal hazard at a work site. But can they convince...

farm at sunset
Zurich plants a Trade Credit solution for U.S. agribusiness

Moving a company’s tricky trade credit coverage from an overseas carrier required product knowledge,...

standing in kitchen on crutches
Company helps its employees with help from Life and Absence Management Solutions

When a company decides to outsource its leave of absence programs, it chooses Zurich for streamlined...

shipyard workers
Teamwork, responsiveness help broker in need of last-minute solution

When an insurance provider raises its price tag for coverage, a customer and Select Broker turn to...

Building insurance solutions for a contractor's big business

Large infrastructure ventures require an insurer with ample capacity and services, as well as a...

workers discussing plans
Zurich helps customer identify a risk it didn’t know it had

Risk Engineer’s guidance helps a company protect its workers, projects and reputation.

truck loaded with rock
Experience in the mining sector fuels business win

A mining company and its broker looked to Zurich for the knowledge and service required for its...