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Success stories

Zurich is helping to make a difference for customers across North America through our solutions, services and experienced team. Here are some examples that demonstrate our responsiveness and dedication.

Engineering Success Story
Overhead to underground: Taking on an electricity exposure

Two Zurich Risk Engineers identify a potentially lethal hazard at a work site. But can they convince...

farm at sunset
Zurich plants a Trade Credit solution for U.S. agribusiness

Moving a company’s tricky trade credit coverage from an overseas carrier required product knowledge,...

standing in kitchen on crutches
Company helps its employees with help from Life and Absence Management Solutions

When a company decides to outsource its leave of absence programs, it chooses Zurich for streamlined...

shipyard workers
Teamwork, responsiveness help broker in need of last-minute solution

When an insurance provider raises its price tag for coverage, a customer and Select Broker turn to...

Building insurance solutions for a contractor's big business

Large infrastructure ventures require an insurer with ample capacity and services, as well as a...

workers discussing plans
Zurich helps customer identify a risk it didn’t know it had

Risk Engineer’s guidance helps a company protect its workers, projects and reputation.

truck loaded with rock
Experience in the mining sector fuels business win

A mining company and its broker looked to Zurich for the knowledge and service required for its...

Helping a Select Broker secure multiline coverage for a new customer

Fresh challenge, optimal outcome: Zurich helps deliver solutions for a new customer