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Diversity & inclusion

As a global company, Zurich recognizes the diversity of our workforce as an asset. We recruit talented people from a variety of backgrounds with unique perspectives that are truly welcome here. Taken together, diversity and inclusion bring us closer to our common goal: exceeding our customers’ expectations. Join Zurich. Make a difference.

A winning combination

For us, diversity and inclusion are business imperatives for true success. It’s about maximizing the advantages that differences can provide in problem-solving, innovation, decision-making and service—all things we need to deliver on to be the best.

—Kathleen Savio, CEO, Zurich North America

See how diversity and inclusion come together in “I am Zurich.”

A dynamic force: Employee Resource Groups

At Zurich North America, employees are welcome to form affinity-based Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that create connection, unlock potential and catalyze success, both for individuals and for our business. About 30 percent of our workforce participates in one or more of the following nine ERGs.



The mission of the AbilitieZ ERG is to bring awareness around individuals with disabilities and to provide a platform for members to share their unique perspectives in order to foster a workplace that is inclusive, promotes diversity and builds trust across all levels of the organization, resulting in a positive impact for Zurich, its employees and our customers.

Emerging Leaderz ERG Zurich

Emerging LeaderZ

Emerging LeaderZ is open to all employees who want to advance their careers. The group identifies and facilitates developmental opportunities for members, empowering them to take an active role in their personal and professional growth.

Good NewZ ERG

Good NewZ

Zurich employees have formed the company’s first faith-based ERG. Good NewZ, a multi-denominational Christian ERG, is open to any employee who wants to help foster a positive workplace environment focused on eight pillars: love, integrity, excellence, inclusion, growth, connection, leadership and service. Zurich employees represent a rich tapestry of religious diversity, and all are invited to explore forming an ERG.

Latinos Unidos for Zurich

LUZ: Latinos Unidos for Zurich

LUZ recognizes, supports and celebrates Zurich employees of Latin American origin or descent. Known by the Spanish word for light, LUZ is open to all employees who want to learn more about Latin communities and how they can connect and develop together.

PrideZ ERG Zurich


PrideZ recognizes Zurich’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and their allies across the country, advocating for a culture of inclusion that helps Zurich deliver on its business strategy.


VETZ: Veterans Engagement Team at Zurich

VETZ seeks and provides opportunities to leverage the skills and experiences of current and former service members, their spouses and supporters. The goal is to help both veterans and Zurich build on their successes.

Z3A ERG Zurich

Z3A: Zurich Asian American Alliance

Z3A provides networking, professional development, mentoring and leadership opportunities, focused on the recruitment, retention and advancement of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at Zurich, contributing to a high-performance culture.

WIN ERG Zurich

WIN: Women’s Innovation Network

WIN supports women in their careers at Zurich by providing access to inspiration, development and connection with colleagues. WIN champions a merit-based workplace free of gender bias.


ZAAA: Zurich African Ancestry Alliance

ZAAA fosters a workplace that values the experiences of employees, business partners and customers of African ancestry. ZAAA provides opportunities for members to collaborate and lead, helping to drive world-class results.

What our employees say

Sonal Desai Zurich

I love Zurich for everything – the managers, the learning opportunities, the community work. A few years ago I organized Zurich’s first-ever cultural dance for our charity talent show. I rallied colleagues to perform an Indian folk dance, and we won, generating donations for Make-A-Wish.

—Sonal Desai, Assistant Vice President, Claims Administration

Having worn hearing aids since an early age, I am an expert lip-reader, which helps me catch words I miss. When I began telecommuting, lip-reading wasn’t an option. My manager and Zurich’s ADA team provided me a closed-caption screen that displays text of the conversation. By allowing me to focus on what is being said, rather than on what I’m missing, Zurich’s support enables me to perform my best.

—Mary Sean Ratzloff, HR Employee Relations

Mary Sean Ratzloff
Allen Blount Zurich

I sit on the board of the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) – New York Chapter. I was proud when Zurich stepped up and became a national sponsor of NAAIA, clearly showing its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

—Allen Blount, Market-facing Underwriter


Zurich blue shirt


Zurich makes Forbes’ first-ever “Best Employers for Diversity” list.

Zurich military

Military Times

Zurich moves up on Military Times’ “Best for Vets: Employers 2017” list.

NAFE award Zurich

National Association for Female Executives

For the third year, Zurich is named one of the Top Companies for Executive Women.

Working Mother Zurich

Working Mother

Zurich named to Working Mother’s “100 Best Companies” list four years in a row.

Join our team. Make an impact.

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