Construction insurance products

Construction projects can vary in form and size. A modular approach helps tailor a solution to your project’s specifications. Zurich designs builders risk coverage following an assessment of your exposures. Our risk engineers can help assemble a plan for your project’s operations, materials and logistics.     

Why Zurich?

Zurich specializes in a variety of construction domains: bridge, education, energy, federal, healthcare and infrastructure facilities. Our team of specialists study data analysis to better understand technical and operational aspects of construction. Zurich has the capacity to provide coverage policies to large-scale projects around the world.


Construction insurance products

Auto liability and physical damage

Commercial Auto provides indemnity and/or compensation for injury or physical damage that ensues from the ownership, use or operation of an automobile. 

    Builder's risk

    Tailored builders risk coverage to meet the needs of mid-sized to large construction customers. It is designed to cover damage to property under construction, materials used in the course of construction and delay in completion. This coverage addresses the specific coverage needs of construction projects, including managing the risk of unanticipated costs and delays. Zurich's builders risk policy provides leading capacity for large and complex projects, flexible deductible options and customized coverage limits and sub-limits based on customer's risk appetite.

    Coverage options

    Zurich construction offers two coverage options for builders risk:

    • Master builders risk program designed to cover a customer's project portfolio on either a reporter or project-specific placement basis; can include dedicated capacity, rates, and terms and conditions
    • Project builders risk program designed to cover a single construction project of any size
    Learn more about Zurich's builders risk coverage

    General liability

    Commercial general liability provides coverage for negligent acts or omissions that result in bodily injury or property damage on your premises or completed construction projects; we offer specialized terms and conditions tailored to help meet the needs of the construction industry.


    As major construction initiatives extend to regions of rapid economic growth, contractors need to be able to apply their risk management principles across borders. Zurich’s worldwide network lets us provide admitted policies in 180 countries and territories, and includes local teams of risk engineering and claims professionals who understand the legal landscape of their respective territories. Our solutions are centrally managed so you have a single point of contact while overseeing your concurrent projects.

    International solutions:

    • Zurich International Programs is designed for large, multinational companies and provides a single, consistent solution to property, casualty and marine exposures.
    • Zurich Envoy®, our package policy program, is designed to help your business operate and grow in international markets by ensuring consistent standards of coverage and service wherever you do business.
    • Builders risk (CAR/EAR)
    • Contractors Professional Protective Indemnity (CPPI)
    • Supply chain

    Pollution liability

    Zurich offers coverages such as:

    • Contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) provides contractors with coverage for third-party claims caused by pollution events arising out of covered operations performed by or on behalf of the insured at project sites.

    • Environmental services package (ESP) combines commercial general liability with contractor’s pollution liability and/or professional liability to provide one-stop coverage for environmental contractors and consultants.

    • Professional and environmental coverage (PEC) provides contractors and consultants with coverage for third-party claims caused by errors and omissions, and strict liability from environmental law and pollution events arising out of covered operations performed by or on behalf of the insured.

    Professional liability

    Construction is a hands-on business. Help secure your workforce with liabilities coverage that provides insurance protection for oversight. Zurich’s broad range of insurance products are designed around your business’s potential exposures. 

    Zurich offers coverages such as:

    • Contractor’s protective professional indemnity (CPPI) offers insurance protection that covers losses arising out of the negligent performance of professional services for which the contractor is liable, whether self-performed or subcontracted.

    • Owner’s protective professional indemnity (OPPI) offers project-dedicated professional liability insurance that helps protect the project owner from losses arising out of the architect or engineer’s (A/E’s) negligence. With OPPI, the A/E’s policies are supplemented instead of replaced, thereby helping improve an owner’s potential recovery.
    Learn more about Zurich's Construction Professional Liability Risk Engineering services


    From acquiring to transporting to completing your project, ensure your materials and equipment are protected. Your investment in these elements is essential for your project. Making sure those premises or properties instrumental to your operations other than your projects are covered is equally important. Zurich offers property solutions that allow our construction industry specialists to design coverage around your business’s specific exposures. Zurich offers solutions such as:

    • Property Portfolio Protection (PPP) for the construction industry is our proprietary property policy, which features contractors’ equipment, crime, equipment breakdown, installation floater and riggers’ liability, with greater flexibility and fewer exclusions than standard ISO property forms.

    • Civil works helps protect against the many risk-facing operational civil works — both public and private. Our solutions cover direct physical loss, including loss of revenue and other risk-specific coverages such as flood, earthquake, storms and terrorism.

    • Build transfer operate (BTO) endorsement provides coverage for materials used in the course of construction and covers delay in completion. When combined with any of our existing Zurich Edge® property forms, BTO can help provide a seamless transition between the construction and operational phases of projects.


    Zurich offers subcontractor default insurance programs designed to help meet the needs of construction companies with annual subcontract volume of more than $100 million; including general building contractors, at-risk construction managers and design-build firms. 

    Learn more about Zurich’s Subguard® coverage


    Commercial excess umbrella provides catastrophic liability insurance protection over general liability, auto liability and employers’ liability.

    Workers' compensation

    When considering employee safety, prevention is both best for the employee and the most cost-effective for your business. To supplement your safety-training practices, enable a workers compensation program that responds thoroughly following injury. Zurich can help create an integrated workers’ compensation solution featuring one of the industry-leading services and tools that aim to provide your employees with preventative and responsive care.

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