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  • 4th Quarter 2014 – Ebola outbreak: Tips for protecting workers; Hand hygiene in the healthcare setting; The dangers of Hepatitis C
  • April 2014 – Traditional approaches to workplace violence prevention in healthcare facilities; Healthcare workplace violence, nontraditional approaches to prevention


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  • 1st Quarter 2016 – Fatigue
  • 1st Quarter 2015 – Safety leadership: The supervisor’s role
  • 2nd Quarter 2014 – Relevant statistics; Types of disasters; Preparation; Planning process
  • 4th Quarter 2013 – Cargo; Vehicular crashes
  • 3rd Quarter 2013 – The fire problem in the U.S.; Learning from history; Hierarchy of risk control measures; Automatic sprinklers; Gaseous agents; Explosion suppression; Why systems occasionally fail; Preventing system failure
  • 2nd Quarter 2013 – Spontaneous combustion; Static electricity


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  • 4th Quarter 2015 – Black Friday and other peak season precautions
  • 3rd Quarter 2015 – Motorized mobility and mobile shopping carts
  • 2nd Quarter 2015 – Baler and compactor safety
  • 1st Quarter 2015 – OSHA updates for 2015
  • 4th Quarter 2014 – Merchandising and display safety; trip and fall characteristics; Signage
  • 3rd Quarter 2014 – Why express empathy?; Final impact of accidents; Conducting root cause analysis; The hidden costs of accidents; Accident investigation kit checklist
  • 2nd Quarter 2014 – Understanding business continuity planning; business impact; Crisis management plan; Business recovery plan; IT disaster recovery plan; Test and maintain
  • 1st Quarter 2014 – Zurich’s snow and ice incident statistics; General liability; Workers’ compensation incidents; Best practices; Training; Worker safety


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  • 4th Quarter 2015 – Dupre' Logistics, LLC interview, fleet safety program pays off; Brake safety
  • 3rd Quarter 2015 – Quirch Foods interview, rail crossings, foreign drivers
  • 1st Quarter 2015 – Medical fitness; Deadly distractions; Substance impairment; Strengthen commercial safety; Liability concerns
  • 3rd Quarter 2014 – Finding and keeping the right driver; Workplace wellness; Medical exam reminder
  • 2nd Quarter 2014 – Prime time for wellness; Accident investigation and trauma gets personal; Heat stress; DOT medical examiner reminder

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