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2014 hurricane season is upon us

July 7, 2014

How to prepare in hurricane season.


The six-month hurricane season officially started on Sunday, June 1. But, the first hurricane of the season, Hurricane Arthur, just made landfall earlier this month off the coast of North Carolina. As a Category 2 hurricane, Arthur brought 100 mph winds and several inches of rain with it, creating damage along the east coast, according to The Weather Channel.

Wind damage from both tropical storms and hurricanes is covered under standard homeowners, renters and business insurance policies. But, flood damage resulting from storm surge caused by hurricanes, is excluded under standard policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

To combat this, sometimes terrifying, weather, take a look at some Zurich suggestions for help this year.

Easy actions — 48 hours from landfall

  • Review the hurricane emergency plan with all involved personnel.
  • Check building roofs. Make repairs to coverings and flashing as time allows.
  • Remove all loose items from the roof, secure equipment doors and covers, and remove debris.
  • Verify roof drains are clear of trash and other obstructions.
  • Fill fuel tanks serving emergency generators and other vital services.

Tough actions — 36 hours from landfall

  • Protecting or relocating vital business records.
  • Removing all loose outdoor storage or equipment.
  • Anchoring portable buildings or trailers to the ground.
  • Securing outdoor storage or equipment that cannot be moved.
  • Installing manual protection systems (e.g. shutters, plywood covers, and flood gates)

Really tough actions

  • Setting up flood barriers at all first floor doors and entrances.
  • Temporarily closing up buildings under construction to avoid entry of wind-driven rain.
  • Installing manual shutters on multi-story buildings.
  • For manufacturing, shutting down processes that will be exposed to damage.
  • For heavy industry (chemical and petrochemical), shutting down processes that take several days to bring to a safe shutdown (e.g. olefins units).

Interested in knowing what you should be doing during a hurricane? Check it out here.

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