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Help prevent factory fires

October 6, 2014

Help protect your people, your facility and your business. Prevent the preventable and minimize the risk of damaging factory fires.

Vice President, Head of Manufacturing

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help prevent fire

Quickly scan news headlines and you’ll realize factory fires—despite being extremely preventable—are far from extinct.

According to news reports, in August alone, a fork lift fire filled a Massachusetts factory with smoke, sending a worker to the hospital for smoke inhalation; a machine malfunction caused an explosion that sent a fireball through the roof of an Indianapolis factory, resulting in a projected $20,000 in damage; and a grain silo in Cincinnati burnedfor days after a dust explosion occurred.

Such incidents reaffirm the importance of implementing fire prevention best practices at your industrial facility. An estimated $951 million dollars in property damage occurs annually from industrial fires, according to information from the National Fire Protection Association. Further, the potential for injury or death of workers, as well as business disruption costs, could ruin the manufacturing business you’ve worked so hard to establish.

This week is National Fire Protection Week. Take this time to focus on fire prevention at your manufacturing facility. Create a basic pre-fire plan that addresses how to respond in the event of a fire, but also spend time educating workers on how to minimize some of the most common causes of factory fires.

Finally, reexamine the sprinkler protection or lack thereof at your facility. Discern fact from fiction when it comes to doing a cost benefit analysis around installing and maintaining these systems. From a risk management perspective, I consider sprinklers to be an important line of defense.

Help protect your people, your facility and your business. Prevent the preventable and minimize the risk of damaging factory fires. Find out more here…

Prevent Factory Fires

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