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Top insights of 2015

January 4, 2016

These issues were popular in 2015 and will most likely get plenty of attention in the new year, too. As we begin 2016, Risks Revealed will continue to share insights on these and other risks facing you and your business.

distracted driving fact sheet

Top 10 Insights of 2015

From innovations in self-driving cars to the tragic attacks around the world, 2015 is another one for the history books. Throughout the year, Zurich brought you great topics and suggestions to help you understand and mitigate risks as they arise. We’ve compiled a list of the topics you found most interesting in 2015 and hope these prove to be useful in the new year. Here are your top 10 picks!

Top 5 blogs:

  • 9 Tips for security camera best practices
    Businesses that base their building security plans completely on security cameras can create a false state of security. Yet when careful consideration is given to their selection and use, cameras can become a valuable ally in your overall security plan.
  • Solar panels: What aren’t you considering?
    Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can be an attractive option for companies looking to reduce both their energy cost and their impact to the environment. However, we’re still learning about risks that may occur when you install a PV system on the roof of a building that was not initially designed with this in mind.
  • Marijuana use and driving raise new safety concerns
    As drunk driving declines, studies show a rise in drugged driving and the need for more knowledge about what these risks may entail.
  • Government creditworthiness: Shifting ground
    Greece’s missed payment in July 2015 brought on new concerns about government default and the possible global impact in these types of situations.
  • The newest hack—smart cars
    Vehicle telematics are quickly becoming cyber risk’s newest threat. As cars become smarter, so do the hackers looking to take advantage of this new risk.

Top 5 Risk Insights:

  • Anatomy of a hack
    Assess your vulnerability of being hacked at home, at the office or on the move.
  • Slip, trip and fall assessment guide
    Zurich has identified ten slip, trip and fall contributing factors to help you evaluate the potential risks in your facilities.
  • Mitigating the unpredictability of geopolitical risk
    Geopolitical risks can be hard to predict, interconnected with other business risks and can significantly impact business operations, making them a challenge for companies.
  • Distracted driving
    Distraction is broadly considered to be any activity that takes hands off the wheel of the vehicle, draws eyes away from the road or simply takes the mind to another place—and is the leading cause of vehicle crashes in the U.S.
  • Global cyber governance
    The process of globalization, the emergence of new powers and the increasing relevance of non-state actors are creating a multipolar and interconnected world. Businesses now operate in a much more difficult environment and must prepare for these new risks.

These issues were popular in 2015 and will most likely get plenty of attention in the new year, too. As we begin 2016, Risks Revealed will continue to share insights on these and other risks facing you and your business.

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