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Why companies need to preserve and protect emails and texts for litigation

September 5, 2017

Federal rules and recent court decisions demonstrate the need to protect electronically stored information (ESI). This briefing also reviews professional email standards.

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This Construction & Design Risk Briefing includes two articles. In the first, J. Kent Holland of ConstructionRisk, LLC looks at recent developments regarding the maintenance of electronically stored information (ESI) and the production of that information, including email and text messages, during litigation when discovery requests are made. In the second article, law professors Iselin Gambert and Jessica Wherry of Good Thinking, LLC present ideas and suggestions for improving the quality of email communication. 

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ConstructionRisk, LLC and Good Thinking, LLC are not subsidiaries or affiliates of Zurich. Zurich expressly disclaims any and all damages and other costs that may arise related to the use of or reliance upon the products, services, representations or warranties made by or on behalf of ConstructionRisk, LLC or Good Thinking, LLC.

Zurich neither endorses nor rejects the recommendations of the discussion presented.  Further, the comments contained in this publication are for general distribution and cannot apply to any single set of specific circumstances.  If you have a legal issue to which you believe this article relates, we urge you to consult your own legal counsel.

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