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Company helps its employees with help from Life and Absence Management Solutions

October 5, 2017

When a company decides to outsource its leave of absence programs, it chooses Zurich for streamlined implementation and flexible solutions.

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Outsourcing absence management: An international horticultural company had administered its own absence management programs for decades. However, the company’s growth, coupled with the increasing complexity of federal and state leaves of absence laws, influenced its decision to outsource this work.

Zurich Life and Absence Management Solutions was eager to demonstrate the advantages offered by its Administrative Services Only (ASO)/Leaves of Absense (LOA) product, said Chris Doyle, Head of Sales and Client Relations.

“These are the products and services that place us in the large market,” Chris said, “where we are positioned to offer broad and flexible insurance protection and value propositions needed by the industry.”

Demonstrating Zurich’s capabilities: Zurich knew it would be competing with other companies for the business, including third-party administrators (TPAs) and insurance providers. However, unlike some insurance companies that can offer fewer absence management services when customers purchase their life and/or long-term disability coverage from other providers, Zurich can offer these services regardless of who provides the insurance coverage for a prospective customer, Chris said. This helps set Zurich apart from other insurance providers, he added, and allows Zurich access to large-to-jumbo market opportunities that may otherwise not be available.

Just as important, Chris noted, is Zurich’s technology: Not only is it designed to be configurable to address various employer needs and to deliver streamlined implementation for customers, but it also offers our insureds one platform for multiple products, which can provide significant efficiencies.

“The company wanted a solution that could not only help them address compliance issues but that also offered them the ease of implementation and would also be very easy for their Human Resources department and employees to use,” Chris said. “Our cloud-based secured platform offered them the flexibility to move their business without the typical heavy lifting associated in implementing a new LOA solution, and allowed them to manage complementary programs from a single platform.”

Part of the benefit of Zurich’s technology is its ability to integrate with an employer’s existing payroll, Human Resources information systems and time and attendance systems, he said. “We are very flexible in the way we take file feeds from our clients, and our platform application translates it to the way we need it,” Chris explained. “We are also very flexible in the ways we are able to return data to the employer in order to accommodate a wide variety of customer and vendor systems. Our technology helps solve a major issue in the market and differentiates us.”

Zurich’s services also include helping businesses communicate consistently and effectively with employees, and assisting with documentation to help then align with federal and state requirements. Chris also noted that the Zurich call center is staffed with case managers who have at least three years of experience in claims case management.

“Our people who are picking up the phones understand if it is a pregnancy, if it’s a surgery, if it’s a rotator cuff injury and they understand if it’s because you have to care for your elderly parent, who is a dependent,” Chris said. “They ask reflexive questions, to make it easier for the employee who is calling in, and to provide a more pleasant and productive experience.”

Winning their trust, and their business: Zurich earned the company’s business to administer its Administrative Services Only (ASO)/Leaves of Absence (LOA)/Family Medical Leave Administration (FMLA) and Americans with Disability Act (ADAAA) programs.

“In the end, they found that Zurich’s technology was the solution that addressed their needs and helped them become more efficient by being able to integrate it with their other benefit offerings and their payroll, time and attendance vendors,” Chris explained. “They were able to move from self-administered to outsourcing without some of the large complexities that can typically make implementation very challenging to a first-time outsourcer. The customer also valued that our offering allowed employees to elect their preferred method of communications – whether that be email, texting, phone call or mail.”

“Zurich helped make the broker look great,” Chris added. “It was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate to the market that Zurich is indeed a great TPA option.”

This information is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers. Certain products, contract terms and services may not be available in all states or may vary by state. Group Life and Disability insurance coverages issued in the United States in New York are issued by Zurich American Life Insurance Company of New York, a New York domestic life insurance company located at its registered home address of One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway, New York, NY 10006. In all states except New York, insurance coverages offered in the United States are issued by Zurich American Life Insurance Company, an Illinois domestic life insurance company located at its registered home address of 1299 Zurich Way, Schaumburg, IL 60196.

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