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Cindy Slubowski

cindy slubowski

Vice President, Head of Manufacturing
Zurich North America

Skills and experience

Cindy Slubowski is the Head of the Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade Distribution business for Zurich North America Commercial Insurance, where she balances rigor and quality within an overall underwriting framework to achieve superior outcomes, drive profitable growth and execute Zurich strategies. She was appointed to this role in November 2013. She brings a variety of knowledge and experience to her role at Zurich, developed from her work in the insurance industry encompassing positions at insurance companies, insurance brokerages and corporations as a senior risk management leader. Before joining Zurich, Slubowski was Senior Manager, Risk and Insurance for a multinational food manufacturing company, where she was responsible for risk management, claims management, insurance procurement and business continuity. She has spoken at various risk management venues on risk management, property coverage, claims management and finance risk management.

External appointments

Slubowski is on the corporate advisory board of Women in Manufacturing, an Ohio-based national association dedicated to the advancement of women in manufacturing through education and leadership. She also served on the board of Hunger Resource Network, a non-profit organized to provide protein to soup kitchens and outreach centers in Illinois. She is a past president of the Chicago Chapter of the Risk Management Society (RIMS), has served as a board member for the Chicago Chapter of RIMS and was a member of the Council on Litigation Management.

Educational background

Slubowski received a Master of Science degree in organizational development and leadership from Capella University and holds an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation. She currently is pursuing her doctorate in business management and leadership from Capella University.