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How hard lessons strengthen resilience against the next big event

Severe weather events, whether they are floods, fires or hurricanes, teach some of the same hard lessons. As part of Zurich’s flood resilience program, the Post-Event Review Capability (PERC) methodology seeks to answer questions related to aspects of resilience, risk management and catastrophe intervention – learning what worked well and what didn’t. The number of disasters and their magnitude are growing at an unprecedented rate and the 2019 Global Risks Report ranks extreme weather events as the top global risk in terms of likelihood and third in terms of impact.
mold damage
Threat of mold lurks after flooding from a tropical storm or hurricane

Following any storm with serious flooding impacts, quick action is needed to avoid mold damage.

Flooded Street
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South Carolina flood
Top 8 lessons from post-event review of 2015’s devastating floods in South Carolina

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