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Severe weather

Severe weather events such as snowstorms, hurricanes, wildfires and flooding are happening more often and becoming more extreme, causing potential risks to your workers, property, business, equipment and supply chain. These events can also increase the chance of accidents – including slip, trip and fall hazards – and put your business at greater risk of liability.

Severe weather events

Preparation and recovery for severe weather

disaster preparedness

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The rise of extreme weather events

Climate resilience is becoming more important for businesses. Zurich examines the economic costs of increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events.


Steps global businesses can take to manage risks of severe weather

Building resilience to hurricanes, floods, winter storms and other severe weather can double as business development for international companies large and small.


Climate volatility can affect “business as usual”

A record-breaking year of wildfires and hurricanes highlights growing risks to businesses and the importance of steps they can take to build resilience.