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Zurich Endorsement Express

An easy-to-use online tool

Designed to deliver simplicity and convenience

On-demand transparency A dashboard let's you see your endorsement request history and status, any time, all in one place.
Timely updates Acknowledgements, related inquiries, and processed endorsements are delivered conveniently via email.
Streamlined services Using the tool can help reduce back-and-forth communications and ultimately result in shorter turnaround times.

Qualified accounts

Middle Market and Middle Market Construction customers with a Property and Casualty policy beginning with one of the following prefixes:

  • Auto: BAP
  • General Liability: GLO or GLC
  • Property: CPP
  • Workers' Compensation: WC
  • Packages: CPO, CLA or PRA

Note: Loss sensitive, including retrospectively rated, plans are not currently included.

Get started: Three simple steps

1. Select an endorsement type.

2. Enter or upload required information.

3. Submit your request and track progress!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I send all endorsements through the tool?
All types of Property and Casualty endorsement requests can be sent through the tool. However, the tool does not accommodate quote requests. Endorsements requested through the tool will be processed as appropriate.

There are custom forms to add/delete/modify the following endorsement types:

• Additional insured • Mortgagee
• Location • Named insured
• Loss payee • Vehicle
• Mailing address               

Other endorsement requests can be made using the “Other” endorsement type option.

How do I make a change to multiple policies?
You can submit a single request to make one of the following changes to multiple policies:

  • Add, delete or modify a named insured
  • Modify a mailing or location address 
  • Delete a location

Begin by completing a single endorsement request using the “Enter Data” feature. Then indicate any additional policies to which the change should be applied in the “Special Instructions” section.

  • Special Instruction format:   “Please also apply [ENDORSEMENT + CHANGE TYPE] on [POLICY PREFIX + NUMBER] effective [ENDORSEMENT EFFECTIVE DATE].”
  • Example:  “Please also apply Delete Named Insured on WC 1234567  effective 4/1/18

Please note that Zurich is working towards an enhancement that allows brokers to complete a single request when adding a location for General Liability and Property coverage. At this time, users will need to submit two distinct requests given that each form contains different and necessary data fields.

How can I find out the status of my endorsement?
You can easily track the status of your endorsement through the dashboard located on the Welcome screen. In addition to your most recent endorsements, you will also be able to see recent endorsement requests for brokers at your location with the same producer code.

When can I expect to receive my endorsement?
Zurich aims to deliver all endorsements within 20 calendar days or less. Turnaround times may be faster dependent on the accuracy and completeness of submitted information, as well as the complexity of the endorsement request. 

How will my requested endorsements be delivered?
Endorsements will continue to be delivered as they have been in the past. The endorsement will be sent via email to the broker contact listed on the policy. 

Will my underwriter be made aware of the changes to the account?
Underwriters will be able to access all finalized endorsements through Zurich’s system of record. If the requested endorsement requires review, approval or additional information, the processing team will engage your underwriter before finalizing the endorsement.

What steps do I take if I need to cancel an endorsement or update it?

Endorsements cannot be edited after they are submitted. However, you can delete requests that are in the “Submitted” status and enter a new request. If your endorsement is in progress, you can submit a secondary request to make the required changes. Kindly reference the original endorsement request number from your confirmation email in the "Special Instructions" section prior to submitting the secondary (new) endorsement.

How will I know if there is additional information needed?

Entering complete and accurate information into the tool using the “Enter data” feature should eliminate missing information needs. However, if there are any questions about your request, your underwriter will be notified and reach out to you directly. During this time, the status for that request on your dashboard will be reflected as “Missing information”.

Can I still send endorsements via email?
Endorsements can still be requested via email. However, using the tool offers added benefits, including on-demand status tracking.


If you still have questions or need assistance, please email us using the link below and one of our team members will reach out to you.

 Email the support team