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Life and absence management solutions

With Zurich Life and Absence Management Solutions, we’ve created an end-to-end offering to help make it easier to manage your employee’s absence and leave, while also helping you align with federal and state leave laws and quickly adapt to the new laws being passed as frequently as every year.

Combined with Zurich’s 100 plus years of insurance experience, our solutions deliver a meaningful difference. A relationship with Zurich means you receive industry leading knowledge and experience you can rely on for an employee benefits management solution that helps meet your employee benefits strategies and fulfills your business objectives.

Solutions for employee benefits

Absence management

Employees are your most valuable asset. Protecting their well-being is a complicated business. We’ve created an end-to-end solution to help make it easier to manage your employees’ absence and leave, while also helping you align with federal and state leave laws and adapt to new laws being passed as frequently as every year.

  • ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act)
  • Bereavement leaves
  • Company leaves
  • FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)
  • Jury duty
  • Military leaves

Long-term disability (LTD), insured and self-insured

Illness or injury can temporarily interrupt your work as well as your income. Being able to provide a safety net for employees can help you strengthen your benefit program. Zurich can help you identify the right coverage options.

  • Life premium waiver administration
  • Market-competitive monthly benefit
  • Flexible monthly maximums
  • Vocational rehab and social security application assistance
  • Work incentive provision and survivor benefit

Short-term disability (STD), insured and self-insured

Whether you choose to self-insure or provide short-term disability insurance with Zurich for your employees, we can help you meet your short-term disability benefit goals.

  • Available on a fully insured or administrative services only (self-insured) platform
  • Available to domestic employees and on a limited basis to expatriate employees
  • Clinical case management process designed to help employees return to work
  • Market–competitive programs with flexible weekly maximums
  • Multiple waiting periods and benefit durations available
  • Residual disability provides covered benefits if a person is able to work, but earnings are reduced as a result of a covered disability
  • Own job definition of short term disability is available to provide coverage for the duties of a person’s specific job in their employer’s location

If you choose to self-insure, talk to Zurich about our administrative services and how they can help simplify your STD administration and integration with FMLA and ADAAA regulations.

Group life, feat. accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)

Group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance helps strengthen your employee benefits package and can provide essential insurance protection to employees during their time of need. Zurich’s benefit plans can provide a foundation of financial security and help replace the financial gap for families in the event of a death or covered accidental injury.  Plans are available at an affordable cost to you and your employees. Zurich works with you to help identify products that will help meet the needs of your workforce in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Accelerated death benefit (ADB) options up to 80% that can extend beyond terminal illness to include non-terminal chronic illness and chronically confined conditions
  • AD&D child care benefit to help pay for state-licensed child care centers
  • AD&D educational benefit to assist with higher education costs for dependent children and employment training including higher education for spouses or domestic partners
  • AD&D passenger restraint and airbag benefit paid in the event of death if the insured when proper use of restraint devices at time of accident
  • AD&D repatriation of remains benefit in the event a covered employee or dependent dies while at least 200 miles from home
  • Flexible plan options to help meet the needs of various size businesses
  • Multiple-year rate guarantees
  • Portability and Conversion options available to suit your employee needs
  • Premium Waiver options for qualified disabled employees
  • Seamless transition to Premium Waiver coordinated when you have long-term disability with Zurich
  • Streamlined Evidence of Insurability process through our portal that allows for automatic decisions
  • Value-added services, such as funeral planning and concierge and travel assist

Zurich offers service and technology designed to streamline the administration process for our Life and AD&D insurance plans.

  • Concierge philosophy to enhance one-call resolutions for employers and employees
  • Dedicated marketing consultants support enrollment
  • Expedited claims review and payments
  • Portability and Conversion fulfillment service options available
  • Seamless member experience during enrollment; we have the ability to work with third-party administrators (TPAs)
  • Self-service website offers tools and information employers need for real-time reporting and employee look-ups

Expatriates and international coverage arrangements

U.S. corporations are increasingly seeking ways to consolidate and provide cost-effective benefits programs to satisfy the diverse needs of their local and global workforce; from both a human resource and risk management perspective. Zurich understands the challenges of doing business internationally and has developed benefits programs to help meet the specific needs of both domestic and international employees, including benefit-rich and competitively priced group life/AD&D and long-term disability plans, employee assistance programs, and various emergency travel and evacuation services.

Our expatriates benefits programs can offer solutions for U.S. corporations that:

  • Have employees based outside the U.S. (including expatriate, inpatriate, third country national and select key local nationals)
  • Need a cost-effective, efficient approach to a core package of employee benefits
  • Require programs to be similar in style and flexibility to domestic U.S. benefits
  • Seek to provide employee assistance and emergency travel services
  • Seek to provide global employee benefit programs for these employees
  • Want to include domestic-based U.S. employees on the same group policy to ease administration and reduce gaps in coverage as employees come on and off international assignments

Captive solutions

U.S. companies are increasingly seeking ways to diversify and add third party risk to their single-parent captive to maximize underwriting gain. This can be accomplished by assuming risk on the company’s life and disability benefits programs offered by Zurich.

With over 25 years of experience in the captive management space, Zurich is among a select group of U.S. carriers with the appetite and experience to underwrite employee benefits within a captive. Zurich may be one of the few carriers with the capability to support a Captives Employee Benefit and Liability and Property risk simultaneously, helping achieve underwriting gain and protect the captive from major losses across all lines through a unique basket aggregate policy approach. Access to Zurich’s wholly owned captive and participation in a captive cell is also an alternative not easily available in the general market.

Zurich will work with an organization and their captive consultant to set appropriate mortality and morbidity pricing, harmonize and improve benefits where necessary and provide consultative support throughout the Department of Labor approval process. Our competitive fronting/administrative fees and collateral requirements, along with the addition of aggregate stop loss policies to mitigate catastrophic risk, are market leaders.

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