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Strategic Risk Solutions

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Does your business have complex risks traditional insurance can’t address?

Zurich’s Strategic Risk Solutions group creates customized programs for corporate customers and captives with diverse risks.

Our innovative insurance solutions can optimize a complex risk portfolio, lower administrative costs and deliver greater contract certainty.

Why Zurich?

Our Strategic Risk Solutions specialists work with customers to deliver highly customized multi-line, multi-year insurance packages that include Integrated Risk and Structured Risk programs. A skilled, interdisciplinary team of professionals in property and casualty insurance, management liability, finance and law specialize in helping to protect companies with difficult, hard-to-place risks.

Our adaptable programs utilize elements of risk transfer and risk financing that can meet the unique needs and long-term objectives of today’s corporate customers, including single-parent captives. Our solutions can recognize and respond to an evolving landscape of risk.


20+ years of proven experience
Since 1997, Zurich’s Strategic Risk Solutions team has assisted hundreds of customers for a variety of industries and types of exposures.

Contract certainty
Multi-year coverage offers greater contract certainty and streamlined solutions for many types of exposures in a single policy, with catastrophic limits spread across multiple lines.

800 Risk Engineers
Over 800 Zurich Risk Engineers are based in 40 countries to help mitigate risks before, during and after an event.


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Integrated Risk Programs

Integrated Risk Programs offers tailored protection for a customer’s diverse portfolio of risk in a single multi-year insurance policy. While each integrated risk management program is designed for a customer’s specific needs, common characteristics include:

  • A single aggregate limit that applies to a company’s portfolio of risks, rather than requiring the purchase of separate coverage limits on a transactional basis
  • Multiple-year terms, typically three years, that offer a stable rate regardless of market conditions or loss experience
  • Management of a multitude of risks, usually including at least three lines of coverage, for greater contract certainty and streamlined administrative expenses
  • Basket aggregate protection: Retained loss volatility can be managed by controlling the total amount of retained loss a customer faces in a given period.

> Learn more with our Strategic Risk Solutions fact sheet.

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Structured Risk Programs

Our Structured Risk Programs helps customers with complex risks that can’t be addressed by conventional insurance markets. By including elements of both risk transfer and risk financing, our innovative program can be tailored to a business’s unique risk portfolio with a single efficient, long-term solution. A Structured Risk program may include:

  • Loss- sensitive excess programs
  • Basket aggregate and captive aggregate stop-loss programs
  • Dual- trigger program
  • One-off solutions for complex and/or unique risks

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Single-parent captive solutions

Our Integrated Risk and Structured Risk programs can deliver a flexible range of solutions for a customer’s captive. Zurich can help captives and their unique blend of risks by:

  • Providing the knowledge and insights of our Captives team, with more than 25 years of industry experience
  • Creating a single, holistic platform for risk management to help improve cash flow and offer potential for premium cost savings
  • Offering the legal and compliance resources of a global network that includes over 215 countries and territories
  • Sharing a suite of tools, including My Zurich and Zurich MIA, to help you improve the efficiency and simplicity of your captive operations


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