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ERISA fidelity bonds

paying money

Available to any business or organization seeking crime insurance to satisfy ERISA requirements, this program offers a variety of coverages, including but not limited to employee theft, forgery or alteration, computer fraud and funds transfer fraud.


This program is available for any business or organization that needs crime insurance to satisfy the ERISA requirements. An ERISA policy must have an employee theft limit of 10 percent of the plan value, subject to a minimum limit of $1,000 and maximum limit of $500,000.

Ineligible risks:

  • Unions
  • Financial institutions
  • Government entities


  • Nationwide including District of Columbia

Submission requirements:

  • Submissions are quoted online by the broker.

Coverages offered:

  • Employee theft
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Inside the premises (theft of money and securities)
  • Inside the premises (robbery or safe burglary or other property)
  • Outside the premises (computer fraud)
  • Outside the premises (funds transfer fraud)
  • Outside the premises (money orders and counterfeit paper currency)
  • Outside the premises (agency coverage)

Coverage limits:

  • Minimum limit of 1,000 per plan
  • Maximum limit up to $500,000

Admitted or non-admitted paper:

  • Admitted