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Are you asking the right questions about facility risk?

May 11, 2015

Guiding you through a property security assessment.

Adam Hurley

Head of Real Estate Zurich North America

Adam Hurley is Head of the Real Estate customer industry segment for Zurich North America. He is... About this expert

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When it comes to commercial property insurance, it’s important to do all you can to limit your liabilities. There are countless risks that could affect your facility, including vandalism and theft, on-site security breaches, rogue or mentally unstable employees, and even terrorism.

In order to help get a better look at potential risks, you will need to complete an in-depth risk assessment and analysis of your property. Not only will you need to look around at the strengths and weaknesses of your physical property, but you will also need to look at management policies, physical security, access control and crisis communication to figure out an action plan for your company.

For physical security, you will want to take a critical look at doors for those leaving or entering the property. Are security surveillance cameras in place with suitable coverage? Take a closer look at the recommended use of the security cameras.

Are You Asking the Right Questions About Facility Risk?It’s easy to look at the physical aspects of property security, but what about the responsibility of management policies? More and more premise liability claims are being put before judges. This is often due to plaintiffs insisting that the defendant could have prevented the risk on the property. If proper hiring procedures aren’t in place, who is at fault when a disgruntled employee goes rogue? By using the assessment guide (link below), you can analyze some of your facility’s various risks that often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Using an assessment guide to help evaluate your property security can allow you to make informed decisions about the level of security at your site. As you gain better awareness of your facility you can find ways to protect yourself and others from liable risks.

Download the full Security Assessment Guide on assessing and analyzing your facility for security.