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Motor truck cargo coverage

September 3, 2015

Motor truck cargo insurance provides coverage against the risks of direct physical loss to covered property while in transit, loading or unloading, and while at a terminal or dock awaiting distribution.

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Shippers and motor carriers face a myriad of potential loss events when their people and equipment take to the road. You’re moving valuable goods that can be damaged or lost due to crashes, thefts, hijackings, while loading and unloading or while held at terminals or en route to final destinations. Depending on the types of cargo you are carrying, the stakes can be high indeed.

Motor Truck Cargo insurance provides coverage against the risks of direct physical loss to covered property while in transit and loading or unloading. It covers property while at a terminal or dock awaiting final distribution. And it can be customized with coverage extensions that help pay for physical loss caused by spoilage or temperature changes due to the breakdown of refrigeration or heating equipment, whether in a terminal or on a truck. 

Zurich – One of the world leaders in Marine Insurance

Zurich in North America is part of the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East as well as other markets. As one of the world’s largest and most capable Marine insurance providers, Zurich understands the risks facing carriers in a challenging business environment. In 1872, Zurich was founded to write Marine insurance, and we’ve been in the business continuously for 140 years. We have a global network of 400 dedicated Marine specialists in 38 countries around the world. Our Marine Underwriters average 20 years of experience, and our Risk Engineers and Claims specialists provide services that help customers maintain better control over their cost of risk. And everything we do is backed by the professional experience and customer commitment that have defined Zurich’s approach to Marine solutions since the beginning.

Motor truck cargo coverage features

Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability forms provide broad, flexible coverage to motor carriers and truckers for their interest in the property of others while in transit. The coverage form includes:

  • Coverage for up to 72 hours after arrival at destination
  • Coverage for up to 30 days at terminals when terminal coverage is provided
  • Coverage for newly acquired terminals up to $100,000 for up to 60 days when terminal coverage is provided
  • Defense costs and expenses are included
  • Debris removal up to 25% of loss paid for covered property, plus $10,000
  • Expediting expenses: $5,000
  • Uncollectible freight charges: $5,000
  • Moving equipment: $5,000
  • On-board and off-board electronics: $5,000 each
  • On-board expendable supplies: $5,000
  • Pollutant clean-up and removal: $10,000
  • Rewards: $1,000
  • Contractual penalties: $5,000

Optional marine coverages available at additional costs include:

  • Trailer interchange
  • Refrigeration breakdown
  • Contingent cargo legal liability coverage
  • Mobile equipment
  • Personal property coverage

Who needs motor truck cargo insurance?

Motor Truck Cargo insurance solutions can be tailored to a wide range of customers and transit needs, including:

  • Common carriers
  • Contract carriers
  • Private carriers
  • Backhauling goods of others
  • Minimum premium of $10,000 (requirement may be waived for Zurich customers with other lines of insurance)