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Zurich responds to a water damage claim

October 1, 2015

Find out how Zurich worked with one of our brokers to help an event management company get back in business after a burst kitchen pipe damaged three floors of their building.

water damage large valve

The call

In September 2014, Zurich received an urgent notice from a broker informing us that a customer’s building had suffered significant water damage to three floors, forcing the customer to cease operations. The loss occurred early in the week – but at the start of the customer’s busiest season of the year.

The customer: An event organizer

The customer hosts and organizes stylish events for high-profile clients who pay a premium for the customer’s services. Reservations are made well in advance. Understandably, our customer was extremely concerned about the possibility of having to cancel several upcoming weekend engagements.

How the broker helped Zurich to respond to this claim

  • Early notice: The broker notified Zurich as soon as possible about the claim and provided us with all the information we needed to begin an immediate investigation.

  • A strong working relationship with the broker: The broker trusted Zurich’s choices for the roles of IA and PM, with the understanding that doing so was in the best interest of our shared customer.

The response

  1. We quickly confirmed the cause of the customer’s loss – a burst kitchen pipe – and took action.
  2. We immediately assigned an independent adjuster (IA) we knew would be well suited to serve our customer’s needs and manage the loss.
  3. We assigned a project manager (PM) from the responding restoration company who was also well suited to serve our customer.
  4. We immediately notified the broker of these specific IA and PM assignments and to ensure the broker understood our rationale – that the choices made were for the benefit of our shared customer – and completely agreed with them.
  5. Within two hours of receiving notice of the loss, the Zurich claims specialist handling the claim and a Zurich property claims manager joined the IA and PM at the site. The team met with the customer to respond to questions and concerns, and to explain the damages, the repair process and the timeline for completing the repairs.
  6. With the customer under pressure to meet upcoming deadlines, we granted permission to the restoration contractor to incur overtime charges.

The team met with the customer to respond to questions and concerns, and to explain the damages, the repair process and the timeline for completing the repairs. ” 

The resolution

The damage to the customer’s building was extensive and meeting the customer’s own deadlines for upcoming events was challenging. However, the customer was almost completely operational by the weekend, with only one event having to be relocated. In just a matter of a few days, we were able to cover a fairly significant loss of several hundred thousand dollars.

The satisfaction

No two claims are exactly alike and each has its own challenges. But we are always happy and grateful when our efforts succeed in enabling a customer to get back in business as soon as possible. We were extremely gratified and proud to receive the customer’s and broker’s recognition and thanks for the service they received from Zurich, the IA, and the PM and crew of the restoration company.