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Sports safety concerns infographic

January 28, 2016

Student sports participation is on the rise — but so are related injuries.

student accident - football

Student sports participation is on the rise — but so are related injuries

Sports statistics

  • As of 2013-2014, high-school sports participants have increased for 25 consecutive years1
  • 12 million student athletes in the United States2
  • 46.5 million children playing team sports in the United States3
  • 62% of injuries related to organized sports occur during practices4
  • 47% of schools nationally don’t meet the federally recommended nurse-to-student ratio5

Top sports for injuries are

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

Other sports that face injuries

  • Volleyball
  • Running
  • Cheerleading

Sport-related visits to the emergency room

  • Approximately 8,000 children are treated in emergency rooms each day for sports-related injuries6
  • Athlete visits to the emergency room for sports-related injuries occur every 25 seconds7

Year-by-year Injuries, doctor visits and hospitalizations

  • More than 3.5 million children under age 14 who receive medical treatment for sports-related injuries8
  • 2 million high-school athletes that injuries9
  • 1.35 million youths that serious sports injuries10
  • 500,000 high-school athletes require doctor visits11
  • 30,000 high-school athletes are hospitalized12


  • 400,000 concussions high-school athletes will experience13
  • Concussion rates between 1997-2007 more than doubled among students age 8-19 participating in sports like football, basketball and soccer14
  • For boys, rates of concussions for helmeted sports are 2X that of sports that don’t require the use of a helmet15