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5 Easy ways to help improve the customer F&I experience

March 22, 2016

dealership f&i improvement

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                                                                        Create a low pressure environment

Customers want to feel comfortable during the F&I process. Ask relevant, meaningful questions to determine the most appropriate products. This customer-first strategy will create an experience where the customer is at ease, informed and feels part of the decision-making process. It’s also a great idea to provide information that customers can access online before they visit the dealership.

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                                                Educate: outline what is included and NOT included in each product

Providing cost benefit analysis data and scenarios that demonstrate the relevancy and cost effectiveness of F&I products could help budget-minded customers make a buying decision. Not having clarity on product details can deter car buyers from purchasing F&I products. Product information should highlight not only the features of the product, but also outline any items that are not covered, as well as how each option could impact their monthly payment.

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                                                          Ensure your sales team can speak to every product

Arming your sales team with F&I product knowledge is critical for today’s buyer. Customers expect to learn about F&I products before they get to the Finance Office. Every sales person should be prepared to talk about your available F&I products and answer customers’ general product questions.

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                                                                         Give customer more control

Allow your customers to help drive the F&I purchase decision. Offer them relevant product choices and have interactive tools available that customers can use to help educate themselves on the F&I products and ultimately drive their final purchase.

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                                                           Provide real-time impact to monthly payment

Customers want to see how each change in product mix could impact their monthly payment, without waiting. Offer a tool that allows customers to quickly compare how changing product mix or options can increase or decrease their monthly payment


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