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Flood season: how to help build a resilient community and protect your business

August 9, 2016

During the extreme weather season across the country, we are frequently reminded of the tremendous impact that floods cause. Zurich can help customers and communities build flood resilience so that when water levels rise, your people, property and businesses are protected.

flooded houses

Stories of flooding have topped the news this summer. The devastating floods in West Virginia, where certain counties received as much as seven inches of rain in three hours, and in Houston, Texas, where up to 20 inches of rain fell in 72 hours, are two of the latest reminders of a flood’s impact.


Building resilience against the inevitable

It’s a very real possibility that floods will increase and intensify in the future. An increase in the population along the U.S. coastal areas, along with growing urbanization across the country, are two factors contributing to higher risks from floods in the future. So what can you do to protect the things you care most about—your family, your workers, your property and your business? There are ways to build resilience, some of which can be found in our infographic, A resilient community builds it forward. These suggestions can help you make your business, your home and your community more resilient against flooding in the future.

partial infographic resilient community

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