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Subguard® coverage

October 13, 2016

Insuring your company against subcontractor default

construction worker crimping rebar

As the pioneer of subcontractor default insurance, Zurich helps general contractors protect themselves from financial and reputational risks through our distinctive Subguard® insurance programs. Subguard can help contractors proactively manage and minimize issues that could delay a project’s schedule and damage the bottom line. Zurich’s goal is to help our customers understand and protect themselves from risk. Simply put, we are here when it matters.

Building these more expansive and expensive projects can require hiring hundreds of subcontractors. The success of a project depends on qualified subcontractors completing  
their work during construction and addressing any defective work that may occur post-construction. All it can take is one subcontractor to default on a  project to affect its success and the overall profitability.

Subguard solution: Proactive default management of your subcontractors

Subguard solutions are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to proactively manage subcontractor default, as well as protect your balance sheet and minimize the schedule disruption if one does occur. They empower you to quickly evaluate and manage subcontractor default situations to help keep the project on schedule and within budget. 

Key features of a Subguard solution

Subcontractor Prequalification Assistance

From the outset, a Subguard solution  helps you control the subcontractor prequalification process. You create the team that is working for you, choosing subcontractors and suppliers that can  best serve the interests of your project. Zurich provides you with a program to  help guide you through the subcontractor prequalification key practices process. Our team of Risk Engineers can help you identify potential red flags with prequalification programs through an in-depth review process. This consultative approach can help you deliver projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to continually develop new  and distinctive prequalification techniques. We are constantly learning from our claims process, and our knowledge is repackaged and shared with you to help benefit your project’s profitability and success.

Schedule Enhancement Solution (SES)

When there is a subcontractor default, a Subguard solution can help maintain the project schedule integrity by proactively addressing schedule impacts. We can provide you with Zurich’s Schedule Enhancement Solution (SES) to assist in maintaining project schedules in the event of a subcontractor default claim. These tools help with the timely completion of your project, which can mean a stronger return on investment for you.

Learn more about Zurich's Subguard solution online or download the brochure below.