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Time-tested approach underscores Zurich’s commitment to broker

December 27, 2016

Underwriter corrals the resources to meet a three-day deadline.


Last-minute opportunity: A Select Broker reached out to Ingrid Ivankova, Zurich senior account executive, to say he had the chance to win a large account — but only if he could find his customer a better insurance solution in three days. His client, a major industrial and metalworking company, was seeking property, general liability, auto and workers’ compensation coverage.

“I said I would give it a shot,” Ingrid said. “It was a short fuse, time was of the essence. We were competing against the incumbent, who was very serious about keeping the account.”

Meeting a deadline, together: “Last-minute opportunities require more than just good luck,” Ingrid explained. “They require deep underwriting knowledge and experience and the ability to execute in short order.”

Working closely with the broker and her Zurich colleagues, Ingrid assembled the information she needed.

“The rating department and my underwriting assistant pulled it together and made it happen on time from a rating and processing standpoint, which is very crucial when a win is at stake,” she said. “I had a complete submission with supplements and my rating folks on board. That was the biggest challenge.”

First across the finish line: Zurich won the business. Ingrid said the customer was impressed “with Zurich’s underwriting capabilities, its ability to gauge savings from our programs, our sense of urgency and our willingness to try.” She estimated that Zurich was able to help the customer achieve a substantial savings in insurance costs.

The business win underscores Ingrid’s can-do attitude when working with brokers, an approach that is designed to go the distance.

“The relationship we have together is what matters,” Ingrid said. “They have the option to go anywhere else. Responsiveness is the key. Sometimes they don’t need you to write something. They just have questions. Addressing them is an opportunity to build trust and demonstrate our deep knowledge and experience. That’s the company they want to write their business with.”