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Directors & Officers dedicated worldwide protection

March 12, 2017

A guide to Zurich's Side A policy.

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In this complex business environment, only an experienced and financially stable global insurance carrier can  help you protect your executives’ personal assets.
Zurich’s Side A policy is designed to address the evolving litigation landscape and offer broad insurance protections for liability exposures in the global marketplace.

A traditional D&O policy is designed to protect the company and its executives. However, corporate leaders are often forced to compete with the company for the same finite limits. Within these policy limits are increasing settlement costs and exposures to liability, making corporate indemnification uncertain. The uncertainty becomes even more apparent when a company seeks to expand its global footprint to other parts of the world. As their roles and responsibilities grow, corporate leaders face even more region-specific exposures and local regulations.

Compliance with local regulations

Your insurance carrier must understand what is − and what is not − allowed in the countries where you do business, so claims can be paid legally and quickly and civil penalties can be avoided.

Zurich’s award-winning Multinational Insurance Application (MIA) is a proprietary online tool designed to help you protect your company’s assets in line with local regulations, without coverage gaps, and meeting  all premium tax requirements. Monitoring more than 180  countries and territories, it includes information on local insurance laws for 41 risk categories.

Key benefits of Zurich’s Side A policy

  • Broad coverage grants and limited exclusions
  • Advancement of defense costs
  • Option for directors and officers to purchase extended reporting period
  • Non-rescindable coverage for additional reassurance
  • International coverage and services in over 210 countries, tailored to local rules and regulations and premium tax obligations

The Zurich Advantage

Zurich is an experienced global leader in Directors and Officers insurance. Every member of our D&O claims team is an attorney, with broad knowledge of today’s litigation environment. Our experienced team understands global exposures, to ensure efficiency and compliance. They adhere to a set of best practices that underscores Zurich’s commitment to consistently providing quality claims services, responsiveness and technical excellence. Zurich has the expertise, global reach, financial stability and dedicated team to manage your directors and officers program.

Learn more about Zurich's Directors and Officers solution online, or download the fact sheet below.