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Underwriter enlists Risk Engineering, Claims to deliver winning edge

March 13, 2017

A research firm with complex risks finds a flexible solution from Zurich


Opportunity knocks, but there’s a catch:
Zurich Middle Market Underwriter Katie Cook was pleasantly surprised when a Select Broker presented her with an unexpected opportunity. The broker’s client, a research and testing firm, was looking for a new insurance provider for workers’ compensation and auto coverage. Would she be interested in submitting a quote?

“It was teed up for me,” Katie admitted, “but it wasn’t an easy risk by any means.”

The broker’s client tests myriad consumer products. The sheer variety of its analyses elevates its risk. Adding to the high stakes was that the company was, in Katie’s words, “the pride and joy” of that broker’s portfolio. She couldn’t afford to disappoint.

Counting on team Zurich: Still, Katie said she didn’t hesitate in accepting the challenge.

“What the customer was looking for, which they hadn’t had from their previous insurance provider, was a loss-control and claims teammate, and those are areas in which Zurich excels,” she said.

Katie enlisted her colleagues in Risk Engineering and Claims to help demonstrate the experience and knowledge that Zurich could offer. What’s more, they were able to personally meet with the customer’s Health and Safety Director.

"We did a claims and risk engineering capabilities presentation for the Health and Safety Director," Katie said. “He wanted to be very hands-on and I made sure we were engaged with him. We were really able to work with the broker, who thought that it was in the best interest of the client and themselves for us to do that. It was really an ideal situation for us.”

The presentation was a success, but Katie knew her work had just begun.

“We were not relying on that meeting to carry us through,” Katie said. “For me, it involved regular — daily, if necessary — engagement with the broker and also my colleagues in Risk Engineering and Claims to make sure we were all on the same page and what our needs would be, if we did indeed win the deal, from a stewardship perspective.”

Persistence pays off: Zurich did win both accounts, helped in part by Katie’s willingness to demonstrate Zurich’s responsiveness and the ability of its team to collaborate on behalf of the customer and broker.

“If you’ve got a large deal on the table, and you’re invested in it, it’s about following through,” Katie said. “It was really important that we show the broker that we can serve an account from top to bottom, left to right, 24/7/365 and we can be there for you without service issues. It’s also about constantly being in touch with what is keeping the customer up at night. This is a big cost for them and we have to show them what’s making that cost worthwhile. That’s my message.”

“Dollar amount aside,” Katie added, “solidifying our relationship with this particular broker showcased to them that we’re here, we’re a global presence, we’re a strong insurance provider and we can put together a competitive, solid quote and service your business throughout the year.”