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Think now about mitigation services after Irma passes

September 8, 2017

Zurich’s service agreements with damage mitigation companies could help customers impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Michael Widdekind

Technical Director, Property

Michael D. Widdekind has more than 25 years of experience in the loss control profession. As... About this expert

hurricane irma

Once our brokers and customers in the Southeast have secured their property to the best of their ability, as well as evacuating the area if ordered or preferred, they might be able to check the emails that quite possibly have gone unread during preparations for Hurricane Irma.

One potentially valuable document you may find waiting for you in your inbox is our vendor list for property damage mitigation vendors. (Search “Mitigation QRG“ in your inbox; if it’s not there you can request it from our Claims Reporting Care Center at 1-800-987-3373.)

When recovery starts, if local contractors are inundated either by storm surges or calls, you can contact the national firms listed on that document without any hesitation. You don’t have to call us ahead of time. Zurich has Professional Service Agreements in place with those vendors to provide our customers priority response to the degree that’s possible in extenuating circumstances like a catastrophic storm.

Starting mitigation services as soon as possible after the storm, which may include drying and cleaning the impacted areas of property as well as securing the premises, can help curtail further damage.

After Irma moves through, we’ll be in touch with our impacted customers to help with needs.

Zurich’s Claims team also has set up a dedicated Disaster Relief Line (877-327-6779) to help with the filing of claims related to Irma, Harvey and any storms that follow.

The days ahead will be tumultuous if your property is along Irma’s path. We want you to know we’ll still be here to help you immediately after the storm, into the response phase and throughout the recovery.

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