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New Zurich training promises smoother RIDE to increased F&I sales

Chris Boltri, Training and Business Development Specialist, Zurich North America, March 19, 2018

Innovative, new consultative training approach can help auto dealers drive sales performance to higher levels.

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As a leading provider of Finance & Insurance (F&I) products sold by dealerships to buyers of new and late-model, pre-owned vehicles, Zurich has long played a key role in providing training to salespeople, F&I managers and others charged with generating revenue and delivering added value to consumers. In the past, Zurich’s Finance and Insurance Executives and Account Executives were solely responsible for training and income development within dealerships. Zurich has recently enhanced their local consultative approach with the addition of a team of Regional Income Development Executives (or RIDEs) who will focus exclusively on assisting dealerships in generating additional revenue.

The goal of this customer-centric structure is to provide an increased presence to help dealerships grow their bottom line, helping assure compliance with all applicable regulations, and improving the customer experience by adding enhanced value to every sale.

The RIDEs are training professionals who work side-by-side with the dealership’s team to drive sales performance to higher levels.

Zurich’s Streamline Selling System® 4.0, which includes a digital product presentation, and objections handling through building value are two of the many topics RIDEs will focus on in dealerships across the U.S.

The new components in Zurich’s F&I income development curriculum support the idea that a successful F&I department will participate in every aspect of the sale – from conducting an effective trade appraisal to the introduction of the customer to the business manager at the appropriate step in the sales process.

Zurich’s revised dealership training program is designed to effectively define best practices from before the customer enters the dealership until he or she drives off the lot in their new vehicle. By embedding the value of F&I products in the minds of all dealership personnel, Zurich’s new F&I training curriculum plants seeds that can help generate more revenue and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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