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Understanding your clients' international challenges

April 11, 2018

Zurich’s International Programs can provide your clients with consistent coverage and convenient service.


The globalized business environment means your clients with international exposures face increasingly complex and problematic challenges around risk and insurance. Understanding these challenges can drive competitive advantages for you both. At Zurich, we’re here to assist you in ensuring your clients have appropriate coverage.

Many businesses have to procure risk and insurance coverage in varied territories across the globe. A single and centralized Zurich International Program could deliver a consistent solution.

While it is possible to use a patchwork of locally negotiated and issued policies, this creates the complex task of trying to manage myriad contracts. Procuring separate local coverages across a variety of local countries also involves engagement, communication and collaboration with multiple insurance carriers. Apart from being a time-consuming process, this also creates the possibility of significant coverage gaps that could ultimately leave your client inappropriately insured when a loss occurs.

A Zurich International Program can give your clients the opportunity to enjoy a centrally managed and globally consistent insurance program. We can deliver a program that is supported, procured and managed by a network of knowledgeable people on the ground where exposures exist. Zurich International Programs can deliver these advantages:

  • Coverages: Our International Program solution helps to bridge coverage gaps across territories, avoiding potentially costly duplications while providing greater transparency on what the policy will cover in the event of a loss.

  • Compliance: Working with a global provider who has experience and knowledge of the laws of local jurisdictions means you and your clients can have greater assurance that their insurance program will align with local laws.

  • Control: A centralized international program helps to ensure greater consistency and continuity, enhances service delivery and gives greater transparency before, during and after program implementation.

  • Convenience: Zurich’s International Programs can provide a one-stop-shop for your clients’ global insurance needs. Our program can provide access to specialists and market-leading tools, whether your client is a large multinational or a mid-sized company operating overseas.

  • Cost: Combining domestic and foreign exposures under a master program can give your clients the ability to attain overall higher limits at lower cost due to diversification and economies of scale.

William J. Porter, CPCU
Head of International Sales & Distribution
Zurich North America