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Get the sales training your team needs

May 2, 2018

Our Sales Coaching Program from Zurich Academy for Select Brokers® delivers a customized approach to help sales teams gain a competitive edge.

Bart Shachnow

Sales Performance Director

As Sales Performance Director, Bart, with the help of his team, develops and delivers a broad range... About this expert

Zurich Academy Sales Coaching Program

Many of our Select Broker colleagues are taking advantage of our Sales Coaching Program, part of the Zurich Academy for Select Brokers and designed to help your team gain the competitive edge you need to win, retain or grow your accounts.

Some of the advantages of our program:

  • Completely hands-on and highly interactive. We focus on a limited number of critical sales skills and then immediately put producers to work on developing those skills through case studies, role playing, and individual and team presentations. We can also offer videorecorded reviews and analysis of sales techniques.
  • Insurance-specific. Conventional sales training often promotes strategies that do not translate well to the insurance industry. We focus on challenges specific to our business, including long sales cycles; multiple decision-making stakeholders; complex, often difficult-to-understand products and services; and placing a disproportionate focus on price without fully appreciating value.
  • Attention to relationship-building. We emphasize the development of sales skills that relate directly to the core competency critical to success in our industry: the nurturing and cultivation of effective and productive relationships. For that reason, we typically focus on skills such as building effective value propositions; managing stakeholders; knowing when and how to ask for business;  and negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Complements your in-house training. Our program is designed to enhance and supplement your own company’s training. Most of our sales coaching customers have their own in-house programs. Our programs are not designed to replace or override your training, but rather to complement, support and reinforce the sales practices you are trying to promote.

To discuss your agency’s needs, or for more information, please email Bart Shachnow or call him at 917-534-4637.