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Kathleen Savio’s path to Zurich North America CEO started with a parent’s advice

September 7, 2018

Drawing from over 25 years of experience at Zurich, Savio is focusing on customers, simplification and innovation

Kathleen Savio

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Savio is Chief Executive Officer for Zurich North America, a position she has held since... About this expert

Kathleen Savio

That’s the real purpose of a CEO—to bring everyone together, united in action, with a common purpose.

Growing up, Kathleen Savio said her father taught her a key lesson about work and success. She still follows his straightforward advice today: Use what you learn, in any task, and apply it to the next.

Her passion for learning from experience has helped her forge a path to the top post at Zurich North America. In 27 years at Zurich, Savio has had a dozen job titles. She created some of those jobs. There was a gap—something that needed to get done.

Today, as CEO, she identifies opportunities to help Zurich’s customers meet challenges and succeed. Her top priority is strengthening Zurich’s customer-focused culture throughout the organization.

“For us at Zurich, our purpose is to protect our customers by providing innovative risk management and insurance solutions,” Savio said. “The world is changing at a rate faster than ever, and leaders have to stay current with the latest information.”

In her first 100 days, Savio went on the road to meet with customers and listen to their needs.

She shared how their experiences and her own are shaping her agenda, in a Q&A that appeared in Leaders magazine.

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