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Resilience planning today may boost market share tomorrow

September 19, 2018

Strengthening defenses against severe weather, cyberattacks and other adverse events can help build resilience for businesses.

resilience planning

From catastrophic flooding to wildfires and cyberattacks, the risks facing commercial insurance customers are intensifying in scope and severity. This Leaders magazine article details how the devastating hurricanes and wildfires of 2017 make evident the need for resilience planning as a key component in the design and implementation of corporate risk management programs.

Building resilience has always been a concern for customers and brokers, and with the continuation of catastrophic events, this topic is sure to be a top priority going forward.

Taking into account the devastating floods that inundated Houston after Hurricane Harvey, it’s crucial that businesses prioritize resilience today by investing time and resources to planning for it. Doing so will not only help them reduce business interruption losses, but may also position them to gain market share by getting them back up and running quicker after a catastrophic event.