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Earthquakes: Facts and faults

November 9, 2018

Does California have the most earthquakes? Some assumptions are on shaky ground. Knowing the facts about faults can help keep your business on solid footing.

ring of fire

Despite many advances in seismology, earthquakes remain notoriously unpredictable. About the only certainty is that they will happen, sometime and somewhere around the planet’s fault lines, each and every day.

While most earthquakes aren’t catastrophic events, those that do rattle the earth’s surface can level buildings and leave lives in shambles. Consider the magnitude 8.2 quake that struck southern Mexico in September 2017, killing dozens and causing millions of dollars in property damage.

When a quake happens near an ocean coastline, it can produce a tsunami and exacerbate the destruction. So even if you think earthquakes are low probability events where you are, they can have a high impact. Take a moment to read our infographic for some clarity on the risks – as well as the potential rewards of a small investment in earthquake preparedness.

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