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More frequent severe weather demands greater resilience planning

January 17, 2019

Zurich North America CEO Kathleen Savio notes the need for more effective resilience planning against severe weather events

Kathleen Savio

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Savio is Chief Executive Officer for Zurich North America, a position she has held since... About this expert

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The past two years have been marked by some of the most costly and destructive severe weather events in recorded history. From devastating hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean to horrific wildfires in the U.S. and Canada, recent severe weather events have illustrated the need for more effective and coordinated resilience planning by communities, businesses and individuals.

Zurich North America CEO Kathleen Savio wrote about the need for broad-based resilience planning and investment in a recent issue of Leaders magazine. In the article, Savio noted the financial toll exacted by recent severe weather events and discussed how relevant insurance solutions combined with investments in proactive resilience strategies can make a difference in the outcome of future events.

“Looking forward, the one thing we know is that natural hazards will continue to occur,” Savio wrote. “Whether those hazards become disasters threatening life and property depends on businesses and individuals making the right choices and taking positive actions to strengthen resilience against them.”