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Cyber security: Not selling fear but protecting hope

March 22, 2019

The job of cybersecurity and cyber risk management professionals is not to sell fear but to protect hope. Find out more by watching these short and engaging videos.

cybersecurity risks

Technology continues to integrate into every aspect of our lives. The Global Risks Report 2019  published by the World Economic Forum reveals that two of the top ten threats in terms of impact and likelihood are cyber-related. The rise of cyber dependency due to the increasing digital interconnection of people, things and organizations can put us at risk of cyberattacks, data fraud or theft, and even a critical infrastructure breakdown.

So, how do businesses navigate through the cyber risks landscape in 2019? In this industry-first video series, Lori Bailey, Global Head of Cyber Risk at Zurich Insurance Group reveals the macro-trends in cybersecurity for 2019 that include the following dimensions:

  • Episode 1 - The Evolving Nature of Cyber Risks
  • Episode 2 - The Impact of Cyber Risks to Businesses
  • Episode 3 - The Role of Insurance in Building Cybersecurity
  • Episode 4 - The Need for Public-Private Collaboration to Contain Cyber Risks
  • Episode 5 – Wrapping Up: Strategic Considerations for Cybersecurity

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